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Looking younger is the goal of every woman and even man. Even at 60+, we all want to look young and youthful. The good news is that it is possible. The fact that you are getting older does not mean you have to look the part and appear boring. It is no wonder that people invest in plastic surgery to look youthful.

Well, beyond surgery, other simple things can shelve off a couple of years off your age when you do them right. One of these is your eyeglasses. With the right pair of eyewear, you can improve your look, express your personality, and look younger.

Now, before you start shopping for glasses, it is imperative to know the best types that will make you look and feel youthful. This post shares details of five different glasses that you can add to your accessories to give you the look you want. Let us get right into the details.

5 Glasses That Make You Look Younger

Irrespective of your age, face shape, and personality you can be sure that there is a variety of exquisite eyewear designs and styles that complement you perfectly. However, when your goal is to look younger, you should opt for styles that put the attention outward and upward of your face.

This destabilizes gravity and by extension, takes some years off you. Here are five glasses that will make you look younger.

Black Plastic Glasses Frames

It does not matter your age and what you are wearing, black glasses are super versatile. They complement all hair colors, whether black, white, or blonde. They are also a great piece for formal events, parties, office, or casual wear. If you have grey hair, black glasses would be a smart way to look stylish, confident, and youthful.

Black Plastic Glasses Frames Black Plastic Glasses Frames

What does this mean? You never have to worry about coloring your hair to look younger. Black frames will do the trick. Choosing black plastic frames to come with a lot of advantages. First, they look chunky and bold, giving them a more contemporary look and feel.

They also look more exuberant and daring, which connects to a younger lifestyle. VlookGlasses has an amazing collection of plastic black glasses frames and they include Arlene, Clyde, Briella, Reanne, and Belle, among others.

Oversized Glasses Frames

If you are looking for a pair of glasses that hide facial signs that reflect your age, oversized glasses frames are a great choice. They tend to take people's focus off the wrinkles and bagginess around your eyes and put their focus on your beautiful eyes.

Oversized Glasses Frames Oversized Glasses Frames

Over the past few years, oversized glasses frames have been trending, which means that you can rock them without feeling out of date. The best part is that they come in various shapes, designs, and styles, which means that you will always find the perfect pair, irrespective of the shape of your face.

A round face, wayfarer, or square frame would look chic and classy on you. Round oversized glasses frames on the other hand will look amazing on people with a diamond or square face. Oval faces can explore various styles as they will suit them perfectly.

Before you choose the color of your glasses frame, make sure that you consider the color of your hair. Both should complement each other. You can check out a wide range of oversized glasses frames on VlookGlasses. Some designs available include Matilda, Damla, Justin, and Twinkle.

Striped Cat Eyes Glasses

Although the striped cat eyes glasses frames have a feminine touch to them, they are not restricted to only women. Men can try them out too. Thanks to its femininity, it tends to add an element of youthfulness, making the wearer look younger than they are.

Striped Cat Eyes Glasses Striped Cat Eyes Glasses

Striped cat eyes glasses come in different colors and you can explore different options that compliment your skin tone, hair color, and style. Red frames would be perfect for someone with a warm skin tone while silver or blue will look stunning on people with cool skin tones. If you are unsure of the color to opt for, you can straight up go for black.

You can never go wrong with a pair of black glasses because they complement any outfit. One interesting thing about striped cat-eye frames is that they easily accentuate the cheekbones. If you have chubby cheeks or a round face, this pair of eyewear will look flawless on you.

Check out some great collections on VlookGlasses. Some designs you would find on the platform include Clyde, Arya, Twinkle, Delia, and Ember.

Blue Coloured Eyeglasses Frames

Blue-colored eyeglasses are best for people with grey hair. It can shed off some years of your age and make you look stunningly youthful. Instead of dyeing your hair to other colors, you can rock your grey hair stylishly with a pair of blue-colored frames.

Blue Coloured Eyeglasses Frames Blue Coloured Eyeglasses Frames

They look great on both men and women and they have a nice way of flattering your eyeballs. Wondering where you can find the perfect blue-colored eyeglasses frames? Check out the wide range available on VlookGlasses. Some nice-looking pairs include Arlene, Clyde, Matilda, and Aileen, among others.

Big Round Frame Glasses

Round glasses are often perceived as boring, thanks to their traditional shape. The truth is that when worn correctly, the traditional connotation becomes just a thing of imagination. Big round frame glasses have their unique magic.

Big Round Frame Glasses Big Round Frame Glasses

They have a way of throwing off focus from the rest of the face and hairline to your eyeballs. So, if you have a beautiful pair of eyeballs, choose a big round frame to flaunt it nicely. These pairs come in different color palettes to give you options.

Top Considerations When Choosing Eyeglass Frames to Make You Look Younger

  • Cat-eye and upswept frames lift the face visually and make you look younger than your age.
  • Stay away from aviator frame styles and other glasses with a downward sweep or heavy bottom. They put the attention on the downward part of your face, revealing your age or adding a couple more to it.
  • Choose frames with colors on the outer corners or upper frame to establish a focal point
  • Avoid clear and rimless frames

Conclusion of What Eyeglass Frames Make You Look Younger?

There you have the top five glasses that will help take a few years off your age. When making a choice, you must consider the shape of your face, skin tone, hair color, and personality.


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