Times changing, the glasses definination also changes

        Initially, glasses were made of transparent quartz and beryl, but increased demand led to the adoption of optical glass, with Venice as the main production center. In 1885, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott showed that the incorporation of new elements into glass melts would cause many ideal changes in refractive index and dispersion capabilities. In modern technology, first the lens is made of glass into a plate shape. Most lenses are made of transparent crown glass with a refractive index of 1.523. In the case of high myopia, if the lens is made of dense glass stone glass (refractive index of 1.69), and covered with magnesium fluoride film to neutralize the surface reflection, the beauty effect can be achieved. Flint glass or barium crown with lower dispersion ability is used in molten bifocal glass. Plastic lenses have become more and more popular, especially when the weight of the lenses becomes an issue and plastic lenses are stronger than glass. In sunglasses, tinted lenses reduce light transmission and prevent glare. You can also look at contact lenses.

      Glasses can help people see the real you, and they can also help you create the look you want. The key is to find the right glasses frame that suits your personality and lifestyle. Glasses modeling experts believe that the first step is to consider all aspects of life. For example, what kind of work do you do? When you are not working, what kind of free time or other activities do you like?

       Are you a manager, business owner or public relations expert? You are an active outdoor enthusiast, a busy mother, a retired elderly or student, or a creative person such as an artist or writer. Or do you have a lifestyle like most people, which includes a series of different activities, interests and personality traits?

       Anyone can benefit from more than one pair of glasses, just like we all need more than one pair of shoes, it is usually not good to wear tennis shoes formally, and matching the wrong glasses can also be a similar mistake. It is usually best to use conservative frame shapes and colors to help build trust among many business customers and colleagues. Consider the following options to enhance your professional image:

  • Classical shapes, such as oval, rectangle and almond
  • Traditional gold, silver, brown, gray and black
  • No bright colors or unusual shapes in the plastic frame
  • Titanium or stainless-steel baffle materials are good choices, such as frameless baffle styles.

       Silver, bronze, brown and black are usually the best colors because they match well with all kinds of work clothes; gold, tortoise patterns and espresso are good choices for men and women work clothes. There is no better accessory that can update your style as quickly as a set of trends and new frames. Not surprisingly, glasses are an essential part of any fashion lover's wardrobe, and they are so popular. Whether you are wearing prescription glasses, glasses that block blue light, or just as a fashion statement, you can wear a new pair of fashionable and charming glasses that will make you truly brand new.

        Let us show you what Vlook brings to you in 2020-there are many stylish features that support a bold look-but please rest assured, if bigger or the color does not suit you-many improved classic shape styles!

      This season has seen the return of several fashion trends. Geometry, slenderness, large size, cat eyes and different details are admirable for men and women of this season. The sheer frame brings a slim look, and the edges or embellishments are dark trendy outfits. Women's rectangular glasses frames have become more and more popular these days. You can find frames with softer bending angles in the general rectangular shape, as well as frames with a more prominent rectangular shape in the "classic specifications".

         The width of the frame can also vary greatly. A narrower rectangular frame can provide a clearer appearance, while a wider frame can provide a more elegant feeling. These frames are good choices for oval faces because their sharpness provides sharp contrast on oval faces, and sometimes they look good on round faces. Although they have been outdated and outdated since the 1950s and 1960s, cat glasses are still considered a popular and popular retro style, and you can find various options available in classic functions.

        The key is to buy spectacle frames with cat eye function, these frames are too clumsy, because you don't want to go out like a thumb with cat spectacle frames, otherwise you may appear too humble. The frames in Classic Specs provide a beautiful and complex balance of the corners of cats' eyes, and some innovative accessories have been added to modernize them. Therefore, if you have not bought a pair of cat-eye glasses in recent years, upgrade now.

        Round frames provide a lot of versatility, which are sometimes difficult to find in other frame styles. Although it has been an outdated and outdated retro trend for decades, they are undoubtedly popular in recent years. In the "Classic Features", you can choose round border options, these options are composed of very clear round options, while other options have narrower elliptical corners.



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