Gift Guidline-The Best Selections For Christmas

As a more and more prevail trend, eyeglasses walks into our daily life gradually. Except for its practicability, glasses is becoming accessories like neckties and pendants because of its diversified styles. Furthermore, glasses also could be applied to many spark with different ages or styles.

Compared with common gifts, one pair of glasses with ingenuity, warm-hearted and daily prospective, or even make people’s cloth style changing with it. Obviously, there are also many selections for people in different styles.

For families:

Cat-eyegalsses Ceres is made of mixed materials of metal and TR90. The combination of gold metal temple arms and cardinal TR90 frame makes it glamorous and sexy. Simple design style make it full of charm instead of damaging its aesthetic specialty. Available in red, brown and tortoise.

Anora is mainly made of TR90 material, which ensures the lightness and simplicity of the frame. At the same time, the temple arm is made of a mixture of metal with TR90, which, not only increases the beauty of the frame, but also avoids the deformation of the temple arm when taking off the glasses. At the same time, the overall translucent style makes Anora frames in the forefront of fashion.

This classical browline style looks as fresh today features a distinct glossy plastic finish and adjustable nose pads. The medium wide frame works well for prescription glasses or sunglasses. Wear these up to become the the brightest star of any occasion. It is available in the following colors: black with silver metal rim; black with golden metal rim, red with golden rim, and tortoiseshell with gold metal rim. This frame can be perfect for your all outfits and individual stylish.

As a geometric design, Illusion is made of translucent TR90 materials. Beyond that, the colorful combinations also breaks through the sterotype of metal geometric frame, which make Illusion look like the waterclour painting. It will give you the perfect wearing experience.

This frame is made of mixed materials. The collision of metal and TR-90 materials not only contributes to the robustness and stability of this frame, but also shapes the unique style. Gold metal frame with white, red or black color, light and simple but stylish. In addition, the special design of adjustable nose pads and temple arms will also bring you a comfortable wearing experience.

Blair is a pair of cat-eye glasses. The shape of the cat's eye glasses is very mainstream design now. Blair has two different kinds of color for customers to choose. The frame and glasses temple of the glasses are gradient color. Blair's diamond cut exterior makes the whole glasses looks very unique. With it, you will surely attract the envious eyes of the others. Special glasses for special ones.

Clair is a classic square frame glasses. This classic design has been popular for a long time. Clair comes in three different colors for customers to choose . Pure black style will make people look very mature. The frame design with gradual black gradient will make the wearer looks very unique and fashionable. Transparent style is very fashionable. One of these three different colors must be right for you.

Kayle is a pair of broad, cat-eye frame. It contains colors including tortoise, pink, black and transparent, one of which must be your favourite. Kayle has a diamond design on the frame, which will give you a sense of design and fashion. The TR90 material makes the frame lighter, more flexible and durable. Different colors also fit for people of different ages.

Ella is a pair of glasses in the shape of a cat's eye. The plastic material is very comfortable for the wearer because the plastic material is very light. Ella has three different colors for customers to choose from. Brown white and red. The brown frame gives a sense of poise and maturity. White gives people a feeling of youth. The red style gives people a feeling of vitality. One of these three different colors is sure to suit you.

For friends:

Snow is made of TR90 materials, as a popular frame material currently, this frame features the lightness and sound flexibility. The design of the large rectangular frame and its transparent color shows a modern and fashionable style.

Allyse's exquisite workmanship, large round frames and flowing lines make it stylish and elegant, and the design is unique. The whole frame is made of metal, which is super flexible, and the adjustable nose pad can make your wearing experience better. The design of this frame is charming and charming.


Add some fashion sense to your style with Chinchilla prescription sunglasses which use exquisite technology and high-quality material, VlookOptical premium prescription sunglasses have a luxurious and elegant look. Fashionable cateye design will bring the frame cute and chic sense. Various colors design make it very suitable for fashion idols to match with any clothing. This frame will give you a comfort wearing experience. This cute cat-eye sunglasses features of Hollywood glamour.


Bayley produced by using mixed material, this design makes the picture frame with good flexibility and toughness. Bayley USES is transparent design at the same time, as 2020 trendy, the transparent design for frame increases the fashion sense. At the same time, the irregular design of the frame makes the frame full of character.


The metal frame has the characteristics of light weight but sturdiness, simple but fashionable. This frame use pink and green to match with gold, and the one-piece design fully demonstrates the charm and style. In addition, the flower sculptures on temple arms are also very delicate and elegant. Furthermore, the adjustable nose pads and the special design of the temple arms also make this frame suitable for various face and nose shapes.


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