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There is no doubt that we are living in a digitally connected world – where the majority of us are glued to smart devices. We are so much dependent on these digital devices that it has become an integral part of our lives. Simply put, technological innovations have made our lives easier. But these disruptive technologies have disadvantages as well, too much screen time ultimately wreck your eyes. Not only this, different kinds of vision disorders & power defects have become a very problem for the recent generation.

The vision problem is not always because of digital devices, some people face difficulty seeing objects from distance. This indicates that they have more than one type of power defect. A person may need a prescription for both near-sightedness & far-sightedness at the same time. For such cases, glasses with a single power would be of no help. Does this mean, that one must have separate specs for various activities? No!

Here progressive prescription eyeglasses can help. You must be wondering what are progressive lenses or eyeglasses & what are its advantages. Keep reading this article we have gathered some useful insights for you.

What is progressive eyeglasses meaning

Progressive prescription eyeglasses mean, the lenses have multi prescriptions in just one pair of glasses. With such lenses, you can easily do close-up work including, middle distance work like using a computer, or distance viewing such as driving. Image if you had to manage with multi eyeglasses all for different purposes – it must have been difficult for you. However, with progressive lenses, there is no need to change glasses every time you perform a different task. If you are still confused about progressive lenses keep reading this article.

Before progressive lenses, doctors used to prescribe trifocal & bifocal lenses to people with different vision disorders. In simpler terms, progressive lenses are an updated version of trifocal & bifocal lenses. Not just this, progressive lenses give you a seamless look as it does not have any telltale lines like bifocal or trifocal lenses. Besides, as we age, our eyesight changes the images become blurry & to see objects clearly we have to hold them at various angles – this is where progressive lenses come in handy. These lenses are specifically designed for people aged 40+ & children with multiple vision problems. Nevertheless, anyone can wear progressive lenses if prescribed.


What is progressive eyeglasses meaning

What are the Benefits of Wearing Progressive Glasses?

The most significant benefits of wearing progressive lenses are mentioned below:

Convenience & Comfort

Progressive lenses are better than any other vision lenses as it allows you to see things accurately at all distances. Not just this, with progressive lenses you don’t have to swap between your regular & reading glasses. It ensures that you enjoy the convenience of carrying only one pair of eyeglasses. Simply put, it works as a single vision lens having three different prescriptions.

No Bifocal Line

Progressive lenses provide the benefit of a multifocal lens without multifocal lines. With these lenses, you do not have to deal with any sudden changes in clarity which usually people face with common multifocal lines.

Smooth Transition

It provides peripheral vision – you can see objects at all distances seamlessly. Unlike trifocal or bifocal, even if you switch from seeing something distant to something up close, you will not feel a sudden transition.

Modern Look

In comparison with traditional bifocal or trifocal lenses, progressive glasses have line-free multifocal lenses. They have the appearance of regular glasses & it does not make it evident that you have a multifocal vision disorder.

Which is Better Bifocal or Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are better than bifocal lenses! They progress from one strength gradually to another, rather than sudden switching at once. Not just this, it offers a distinctive lens strength at every horizontal point on the eyeglasses. Moreover, progressive lenses can be used to prevent increasing myopia & unlike bifocal lenses, nobody can detect the difference between regular eyeglasses & progressive lenses. In addition, progressive lenses offer a smooth & flawless transition among the two fields while giving your eyes gradual change when going from distance to close up viewing, or vice-versa. The list of benefits does not end here, with progressive glasses you only have to carry one pair of specs not more than this. Not to mention, it gives you an attractive look while making your vision clear.

Bifocal vs Progressive Lenses

What is the Average Cost of Progressive Glasses?

The cost of progressive lenses is higher than standard lenses. While opting for it you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $250 on average. You must keep in mind that it is just a price for lenses, you will pay separately for the frame. If you think the prices are too high, we have good news for you – Vlook Optical online is offering progressive lenses for $29.99 only without compromising on quality.


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