Why Choose Titanium Frame Glasses?


    The return of metal frames has dominated the whole eyewear fashion recently. More and more people wear metal frame glasses for retro style, giving themselves clear eyesight at the same time with an eye-catching shape.  

    The common metal material frames are mainly made of titanium, copper-nickel alloy, stainless steel, and others. Titanium features anti-acid, alkaline resistance, anti-corrosion, high stability, high strength, and good elasticity. In addition, titanium is non-toxic to the human body, without any radiation. Now, titanium is the most popular type of eyeglasses material in the market today. They are more expensive than most other materials used to make eyeglasses, but the long-term benefits of titanium frames far outweigh the difference in costs.

    Titanium is a silver-colored metal with low density and high strength. Because of its strength, malleability, and resistance to corrosion, it has been used in many industrial, military, automotive, electronics and other applications. These properties make it an ideal material for creating durable glasses frames.

    Titanium frames are able to bend without breaking because of its flexibility. The frames can be bend for a great degree and will return to their original shape even after the bending. This makes them the safest glasses to use and ensures that your eyeglasses are durable. It will take a lot of efforts to break your eyeglasses if you choose a titanium frame.

    Titanium glasses are also lightweight. If you are tired of wearing glasses that weigh down on your face, you will be glad to know that you can switch to lightweight titanium frames. Many people who wears prescription eyeglasses often complain that their glasses weighing heavily on the bridge of their noses. These frames are about 40 percent lighter than standard steel frames.

    Titanium alloy is a material widely used in artificial bones. Therefore, you will also find that titanium is a great replacement for many metals that are likely to cause skin reactions. The metal has natural hypoallergenic properties. It is rare that anyone should have adverse skin reactions to the titanium frames. Many popular brands use the metal to ensure that their eyeglasses are available to a larger market.

    For consumers, the frame must be durable, safe and lightweight. Most of these characteristics are determined by the material of the frames. Titanium frames have the advantages above. At present, there are many kinds of frame materials on the market, and each kind of frame material has the double-edged sword. Therefore, consumers need to choose a suitable frame according to their actual situation and preferences.


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