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What Kind of Glasses is Right for Strong Prescription?


    Due to the younger age of myopia, more and more young people, even children, wear thick glasses and become high prescription people. Glasses have been a necessity for strong prescription. They cannot even work or live normally without glasses. So, how to choose suitable glasses for people with high prescription?

    Firstly, what is strong prescription? Strong prescription refers to the phenomenon that the prescription of myopia is 600 degrees or more, with the axis lengthening. People need to wear glasses to obtain normal and clear images for this. However, the lens thickness is related with the prescription, so, how to make the glasses as light as possible while ensuring the clarity has become the primary concern.

    To make your glasses lighter, here are some tips for you:

    Frame selection can follow the below recommendations:

    1. Light frame

    The weight of frame is an important factor affecting the comfort of glasses. When choosing frame, we need to choose a healthy, safe, comfortable, reliable, stable material which is harmless to the skin, and it should be light, firm and not easily deformed.

    For highly prescription people, priority should be given to titanium, thin acetate and TR90 materials, which are generally lightweight and durable. In particular, titanium frame, in addition to lightweight, but also has good compatibility with the skin, hardly cause skin allergies, and high strength, not easy to deform.

    2. Frames with smaller frame widths

    The thickness of prescription lenses is mainly reflected in the horizontal direction of the spectacle frame. In many cases, the temporal edge of the strong prescription lenses is thicker, which is most easily detected from the side and affects the appearance. When the frame’s total front width is suitable, the smaller the frame width is, the thinner the processed lens is. In this way, the temporal rim thickness of the lens can be reduced to the greatest extent, and the overall appearance of the glasses can be improved.

    3. A full-rimmed frame

    It is known that the lenses of Strong prescription are thicker, choosing rimless or half-rimmed frames will expose the thickness of lenses. And the frame is easily deformed after a long time, resulting in changes of the glasses center and the axis of the lenses, thus affecting the ability of correcting visual acuity. Therefore, people with Strong prescription are suggested to choose full-rimmed glasses as far as possible.


    Lens selection can refer to the following aspects:

    1. Light lenses

    The higher prescription power, the thicker lenses. Leads the greater pressure to the nose bridge. Lighter resin lenses should be selected to relieve the pressure.

    2. Aspheric high refractive index lenses

    Aspheric lenses with the same refractive index are thinner and lighter than spherical lenses, with less optical distortion, the lowest aberration at the edge, and a clearer and more natural view. But the aspheric price is higher than spherical price, the higher refractive index, the more expensive price. People can choose their index based on their own economic situation. It’s better to choose high refractive index aspheric resin lenses. It is suggested that the lens with refractive index of 1.67 or 1.74 should be selected for strong prescription to make your lenses lighter to wear and less fragile.

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