Make a Fashion Statement with Aesthetic Transparent Eyewear

There isn’t a better accessory that could update the elegance & classiness of your personality as the pair of brand new eyeglasses. Eyewear is now a fashion statement & probably a must’ve part of the fashion lover’s armoire. In the old times, people used to wear boring old specs with black, brown, or grey frames just to save their failing vision. But the days are gone despite having perfect vision, many people while strolling the town opt to wear eyeglasses as a fashion statement. With such a change in fashion trend, 2020 brings trendy transparent glasses that favor the bold.

It does not matter what you call these aesthetic eyeglasses; clear, crystal, colorless or transparent eyewear, they are fleetly becoming the preferred choice of trendsetter all over the world. Although transparent glasses have been around for a really long time but they have started gaining popularity little while ago. Keeping in mind this change in fashion trend, VlookGlasses introduces a completely new range of transparent frames to help you make a very bold fashion statement.

This year, the transparent frames have not only the rocked the ramps but also have occupied a special place in the eyeglasses collection of the fashion lovers. The subtle & clean aura of these electric transparent frames makes it a lust-worthy buy. Transparent glasses are a very trendy and cool accessory for both men & women. One main reason they are becoming the best glasses in 2020 is that they look good on almost everyone & also are easy to wear. Whether you are in your golden years, teenage or late 20s, this colorless frame will surely work for you.

Moreover, these trendy glasses create an enhancing effect on your entire face while complementing your beautiful facial features. You can pull them off with any of your looks, whether it is a wedding, party, or a meeting, they just rest there & compliment your style. It is not necessary to wear these trendy glasses with prescribed numbers only but you can easily get the transparent frames for sunglasses as well. One of the best characteristics of these frames is that they are great for both indoor & outdoor events. Either you can upscale your appearance with aquiline elegance or can easily add the tweak of bookish cool with these colorless frames.

There is no limit on how, when and where you can wear them, all you need to do is just embrace it & make it your own! Our monochrome frames have no traditional dark outline; they’re extremely versatile when it comes to matching it with different attires & colors. Besides, these specs look great on all face shape and complement ever hair color or skin tone. Transparent glasses usually have very slight tints and are almost invisible from the distance. So if you do not like wearing specs at the events they might best work for you. Heavy makeup & transparent glasses are a no-go, is you are wearing colorless frame, the light makeup would add more focus to your transparent specs. Another advantage of wearing these glasses is that you can wear oversized frames for a trendier look because they do not overwhelm the face they way darker frames do. Also, whatever shape or size of you ends up choosing, these trendy glasses would be a value-adding element.

How to Choose Transparent Glasses

Choosing the right shape of specs is important because it is the first thing which people notice about you. Above all, the eyeglasses you wear reveal the secret about certain aspects of your personality. So always look for a pair that complements the shape of your face and praises your personality. According to the rule of thumb, rectangular frames seems best on round faces; oval & circular frames works pretty well on square shaped faces; square-leaning frames look good on oval faces; cat-eye compliment diamond faces; square & round frames work on the heart-shaped faces. Still, if you are confused about the shape of the frame you are buying also ask for advice. 

The simple secret to turning your transparent specs into an amazing one is to pick a larger frame than the normal sized frame. Larger eyeglasses will help you create a more dramatic style statement. However, if you are not ready to experiment with the trendy colorless glasses, then explore the frame that has a little tiny instead.

Tips on How to Pull Off Transparent Frames

1) Wear Lighter Outfits

The lighter the better, transparent eyeglasses you wear would complement any of your dressing styles. In fact, you can wear them with formal attires; certainly, it will give you a bold contrast.  However, if you opt for a darker color, it will draw the attention away from the frame whereas a light color with a transparent frame will help in enhancing the overall look.

2) Wear Neutral Makeup

With transparent glasses, it is always recommended to put a little amount of makeup as possible. Keep the makeup fresh and light when you wear a transparent frame. The reason behind this is, with clear frames your makeup would be easily noticeable and hence will put the focus on darker area rather than your funky frame, so go easy.

Also, heavy makeup looks usually do not balance well with colorless frames while soft makeup would keep the attention on your face. Apply light makeup and always look for softer & neutral colors for your eyes & lips. You could opt for other option as well try light eye shadow with a bold lip this will surely make you stand out.

3) Wear Them in Enclosed Places

Transparent glasses with clear lenses do not offer much protection against the UV rays – try to wear them for indoor activities. Although you can wear clear frames for outdoor events as well but they are more suitable at the night time.



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