The Importance of Choosing the Right Frame

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The best frame is the frame that comfortably fits your face and allows for thin-cut lenses. This will be different for different people. People wear eyeglasses due to blurred vision for distance or near objects appearing distorted or stretched, lack of clarity in vision, frequent headaches, lack of eye muscle coordination, and the problem with bright light conditions and outdoors. These are some of the common symptoms that people experience when they need spectacles. Although, some conditions requiring spectacles correction are dormant and might be discovered during a routine ocular examination. Although some people just like to wear glasses to give them a certain look. Then you need just regular clear glass lenses. For the same reason, anyone wears glasses: they can't see without them. You can have both distance and near correction in a single lens, called a progressive. People who work on a computer sometimes prefer to get a special pair of anti-blue light glasses that's optimized for that distance, but then they need another tinted "distance" pair to drive home.

There is no "best" but there are 4 things you always want to consider when choosing frames:

  1. Fit - make sure the frames don't squeeze your head, look for spring hinges or the perfect size.
  2. Nose pads quality/profiling - for people with delicate skin it's a deal-breaker.
  3. Durability - you may prefer an item that ages gracefully.
  4. Look - ultimately, you wanna feel yourself with an accessory you put on every day.

Whats more, the style of the frame also depends on what your usage is:


Black and Gold is always the best suitable color for business men and women. Also, if the both color is attached with the metal frames, there will no more than frames that could be compared.


Usually, frames in casual style are PC, TR90 or Acetate materials since they are made to any stylish styles, so if you have a taste of casual, they might be a good selection.


Frames in sport style often have a similar characteristics with Business style. Black is the symbol of sporting, but the difference is if you want frames in sport style, you should better choose the PC, TR90 or Acetate materials in black or grey color.  


The most cute frames would be the cateye items. And if you like the cute frames, a pair of cateye frames in pink color would be your first consideration.


People has different opinions on fashion, and the fashion also keeps changing with time. But, on our web, we promise you can find the most fashionable items in your own styles.


So the bottom line is - pick the one that serves your purpose and you are comfortable wearing. Also, do look for frames that fit you well. That means the width of the frame should sit comfortably on you and not pressing against your temples as that could cause you discomfort as well.

Frames are expensive and a good pair can be dearer than the prescription lenses. By all means, browse the selection of frames at the opticians. Vlook websites can capture an image of your face, so you can see what you look like with glasses. Consider buying online your glasses' complete frames and prescription lenses. This is invariably affordable than buying in a shop.

Whereas, UV coatings and anti-reflective features of a spectacle will secure your eyesight from the glare and sun. Spectacles are usually replaced on a yearly basis. But this is not an absolute rule. Its advisable to go by the eye doctors advice.


There are three aspects might be helpful for you when buying a pair of suitable glasses:

  1. Getting your eyes tested, the cost of buying the prescription lenses to correct your vision, and buying the frames themselves. There is no one size fits all solution. Always take the advice; whatever you do, don’t forget to take at least some advice from the person selling those glasses.
  2. The most comfortable eyeglasses frame is the one which fits perfectly, suits your face shape, and is durable. Investing in a pair ensures you get the premium quality frame that will not disappoint you. Always ensure that the frame in neither too tight nor loose.
  3. Choose the style according to your face shape. Like, if you have a round face, go for angular frames like rectangular and wider frames with less height. If you have a square or long face, you can wear round and deeper frames.

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