How to Expand Your Glasses Life-span?


    Change your glasses or frames frequently maybe a fantastic thing that makes your life more interesting. However, broken or damaged glasses frequently could be annoying and a waste of money. Therefore, well glasses using and store habits will help you save a lot of time and money. How to make your glasses working as long as possible? VlookOptical can help.


    These tips may be useful to you:

  1. Good using habits:

    Use both hands to hold the temple arms to take off and wear glasses, which will avoid the deformation and bending of the arms due to uneven force. When using glasses, it is necessary to handle them lightly and avoid the deformation of the frame. When placing glasses on the desktop, the temple arms should be downtown. It's better to put them in a hard case (atteched with each  pair of glasses from vlookoptical) when you don't need them. Do not place glasses in high temperature areas such as heating, stove, etc. Do not bathe with glasses. High temperature will deform the glasses and damage the optical properties of the lenses.

  1.  Prepare more glasses cases:

    The glasses can't be placed anywhere with no cases. It's time to have several glasses cases in the place where glasses are often placed. Hard glasses cases can protect your glasses from external forces, including squeezing, scratching or other problems, and invisible scratches when you put them in your backpack. Hard glasses cases can help you avoid these problems. If the cases are portable enough to fit into your small bag, Vlook Optical's folded portable glasses case will be your best choice.

  1. Clean your glasses carefully:

    Coated lenses need to be cleaned frequently, but you should resist the urge to use a napkin or your sleeves to clean them. Fabrics and paper products can scratch the lenses, costing additional money when you need to buy a new pair. Never use household cleaners or vinegar on your glasses. They can strip the lenses of protective coatings. Microfiber glasses cloths are inexpensive and in small sizes that you can tuck into your glass case or wallet for easy use. A mild dish soap and water solution work all just fine, though you can also buy eyeglass cleaning solution at pharmacies. 

  1.  Check the condition of glasses regularly:

    Glasses are used for correcting visual acuity. Keep the lenses optical center in the place suitable for your eyes, please wear your glasses correctly and correct them in time when they slip. If the frame is deformed, they should be corrected in time to the ophthalmic hospital. If the screw is loose, it should be handled in time to prevent the screw from losing. In addition, check whether the lenses have scratches, whether there is corrosion for metal frames , and often wipe to keep clean.

  1. Learn how to adjust glasses:

    If your glasses need simple repair, try to buy a kit online or in a store. You can save some unnecessary troubles if you have learned how to deal with these easy problems. You can also experience the fun of DIY!

    Maybe you can expand your glasses life-span as possible, you should also realize it in time if they are no longer suitable. If you tend to be closer or more distant than before with your glasses, go for an eye exam and change the prescription in time. 


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