Introduction of Common Frame Materials

It is difficult for the customers to choose a suitable frame for themselves In the past, because there are so many kinds of frames placed in stores.

With the development of technology, both of the frame materials and frames has been produced , which also increases people’s confusion about how to choose frame. The most important thing for customers is knowing the details about the materials of the frames which will make their shopping experience better.

In order to give our coustomers a better shopping experience, VlookGlasses will introduce some common frame materials such as polycarbonate, metal and their advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Polycarbonate Plastic

The frame made of polycarbonate plastic is designed through plastic perfusion. Polycarbonate plastic material frames have weak flexibility and elasticity. Thus, due to this limitation, polycarbonate plastic is a decreasing materialss used to produce galsses frames gradually. Following is the TR90 materials.

Advantages: Lower Cost

Disadvantages: Weak Flexibility and Elasticity


TR90 is the abbreviation of plastic titanium. As a new type of plastic, TR90 have strong flexibility, good wear resistance and high-temperature resistance. In addition, TR90 materials also have the advantages of hard changing shape due to its high memorability. Depend on these features, TR90 occupies the frame market and becomes the new favirate of frame materials.

Advantages: flexible, abrasion resistant, high-temperature resistant and hardly transformation

Disvantages: Spray paint processing in its surface, which will result in the peel-off coating. Unadjustable frame.



Made of incising/cutting and polishing after high-pressure injection molding through sheet metal forming technology, Acetate material frames have enormous charming styles and sophisticated texture with the advantages of hardness, glossiness, smooth surface. It is difficult to make it out of shape.

Advantages: Not easy discolor and durable

Disadvantages: poor flexibility , and weightier than TR90 frame


Steel material becomes the main material of glasses frames with its extensive popularity and high plasticity. However, with the increasing demands, the demerits of steel appear gradually. Even though its high plasticity, which also means steel material has bad elasticity. Besides, steel material is very easy to be oxidized, so the steel material is fading from the historical stage of frame little by little. That is why it is almost uncommon to see the iron frame in the marketplace now.

Advantages: Affordable

Disadvantages: Heavy and easy to be oxidized

Metal alloy

Metal alloy includes titanium alloy, manganese and nickel alloy and the nickel-copper alloy and so on. This kind of frame inherits the advantages of pure titanium frames well and neutralize the disadvantages of the high price of pure titanium. Although the mental alloy frame is heavier than pure titanium, but it also holds on a huge propotion of frame market by its advantage in price.

Advantages: flexible, high-temperature resistant, Light

Disadvantages: Not suitable for metallic allergy skin

Pure titanium

Pure titanium is often used in the aeronautic area duo to its high flexibility, high-temperature resistance, lightness and the advantage of hardly generating allergic reaction when you wear it. However, its price is also very high, so even though pure titanium have more advantages that other plastic materials, the pure titanium don’t occupy the frame market. In true sense, the common mental frame often refers to the mental alloy.

Advantages: flexible, light, and no allgy to matal frame

Disadvantages: high price


Generally, the current frame market takes the three materials of TR90, mental alloy and sheet material as priorities. From the point of flexibility and abrasive resistance, all these three kinds can satisfy consumers’ demands. However, the TR90 and sheet materials is major as leisure style, while the mental alloy is tend to business and high-end style.

If you like to display your individuality or you pay attention to the texture of frame, then the acetate material frame is your best choice.

If you like frames that have good flexibility but you are allergy to matal, then TR90 material frame can meet all your demands. 

If you like metal frame and persuit feeling of lightness, the matal alloy frame will give you unprecedented light wearing experience.

No matter what styles you are or what kind of frame you need, you can find the best on VlookGlasses.







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