Things you may not know about Online Prescription Eyeglasses!


    The development of technology has brought earth-shaking changes to our life. There are also many influences, more and more digital devices cause certain damages to our eyes. Therefore, many people have to wear prescription glasses.

    When talking about buying glasses, many people just know to go to a brick-and-mortar store. In fact, shopping prescription glasses online is also a better choice.

    The advantage of shopping prescription glasses online is more likely to be favored by customers for its convenience, and affordable price.

    The primary process of purchasing prescription glasses online is getting your eyes examined scientifically. It's highly recommended that you choose an accredited ophthalmologist or hospital for the eye exam. Remember to get your pupillary distance, and the prescription power of your right (O.D), and left (O.S) eyes, then you’re ready to get your prescription glasses online. If you have astigmatism, knowing your cylinder power, and the axis is necessary. Of course, there is no need to go for another eye exam if you have retained the prescription for nearly one year.

    If you do not have your PD on your side, you can measure the distance between pupils of your two eyes simply using a ruler in front of the mirror, provided that you know the prescription power of your left and right eyes.

    After you have learned your prescription, you can go VlookOptical to get a pair of prescription glasses for only $9.99.

    In the meantime, if you have any other questions about online prescription glasses shopping, there are a variety of articles on VlookOptical's blog which can help you.

    After choosing a credible website, you can pick the style and color of the glasses. It is suggested that when you choose the frame and lenses, combined with your own actual situation, pick the glasses that match your face, skin color, haircut, and so on.  

    Of course, if you really don't know how to choose, just upload a photo of your front face, the smart recommendation system of VlookOptical can recommend the frame that suits you best according to your face.


    Here are also some tips here:

  1. One of the drawbacks of shopping prescription glasses online is that it is not possible to directly understand the customer's prescription, so you need to have a detailed understanding of your vision in advance.
  2. The other is that you can not intuitively understand the product details, the VlookOptical official website can browse the full vision of the product at 360°, and have the try-on system.


VlookOptical online glasses, give you a new choice, a different purchase experience.


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