How To Order Prescription Sunglasses


Sunglasses – A Best Way To Save Your Vision

    Tinted lenses are great for outdoor activities especially in summer. Order a pair of prescription sunglasses would be a good idea on It's time to add your personal styles to your eyes with Vlook Prescription Sunglasses with Tinted Lens. Wearing sunglasses is necessary to prevent cataracts and limit the effects of the aging process on your eyes. In addition, prescription sunglasses can make your environment appear brighter, they reduce glare and improve contrast.

Here VlookOptical not only offer the most fashion-forward stylish sunglasses frames, but also high quality tinted lenses to comfortably shield your eyes from the sunshine in discounted rates. Here, we offer Standard, Gradient and Mirror Tint lenses. Browse our stores for prescription sunglasses and add a pair of tint lenses to your next pair of Vlook Sunglasses.


Standard & Gradient Tinted lenses & Mirror lens

    Standard Tinted lenses are one solid color from the top to the bottom of the lens. It likes the most sunglasses. VlookOptical offer grey, amber, green, purple, yellow, blue and pink, 7 different colors. Each color has three tinting intensities.


    Gradient tints are darkest solid color at the top of the tinted lenses and gradually get lighter towards the bottom. VlookOptical gradient tint options include: gray, amber, green, blue, pink, and purple. Gradient Tints may not offer strong shade from the sunshine, but they will add a fashion sense to your everyday look.


    Mirrored sunglasses are sunglasses with a reflective optical coating (called a mirror coating or flash coating) on the outside of the lenses to make them appear like small mirrors. The mirror coating decreases the amount of light passing through the tinted lens by a further 10–60%, making it especially useful for conditions of sand, water, snow, and higher altitudes. Mirrored sunglasses are one-way mirrors. VlookOptical also provide grey, amber, green, purple, yellow, blue and pink, 7 different colors for mirror lenses.

Which color is right for me?



Most popular tint for general purpose use

Reduces eye fatigue

Minimizes glare, especially off water

providing the best sunshine blocking and anti-glare protection on bright, sunny days



Amber is good for all-purpose use color.

Enhance contrast of your vision

Contains a red element to improve depth perception



Green is good for general purpose use

Reduce glare

Brighten shadows

Improve contrast for low-light conditions



Yellow-tinted lenses can improve sharpness and contrast to your field of vision, providing greater clarity in low-light environment.

It can block blue light from computer screens and other digital devices that can cause eye fatigue and headaches



Blue tinted Lenses enhance color and contour perception.

Reduce glare

Trendy color, many golfers and skiers love this color.



Pink tinted lenses help reduce eyestrain, improve visual depth.

Provide excellent contrast and road visibility.

Reduce eye strain.



Purple tinted lenses adhere to natural and colorful perception.

Provide better contrast against green backgrounds.

Best choice for golfers.


How to Order Tinted Glasses

  1. Select your favorite frames. Tinted lenses can be added on any VlookOptical frames, including sunglasses and normal prescription glasses frames. First step is pick your favorite frames and click"ADD lenses" button.


  1. Choose your Lens type and enter your prescription. VlookOptical offers Reading, Distance, Bifocal and Progressive four different types of lenses. After you select the lens type, you need enter your prescription numbers on our prescription form.


  1. Choose Sunglasses and pick your favorite color.

  1. Choose Your Lens Index and coatings. We provide 1.56 and 1.60 two different index- lenses. For Sphere power under ±4.00 we recommend 1.56 Index lenses which is the  most valuable lenses. After that click “Add to Cart”

  1. Complete your order. Once your order is complete, we will start customizing your new eyewear and ship it out ASAP.

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