How to pick glasses for your face shape?


Do you ever have trouble to figure out the most flattering glasses for your face shape? There are some general guidelines to help you determine the best frame for your face shape.



What face shape do you have?

First, let's figure out how many face shapes do we have: oval, square, round, heart, or diamond. There are some facial features for different face shapes. We can pick the most flattering frames after we determine our face shape.


A face with higher and angled cheekbones.

The cheekbones are slightly narrower toward the forehead.

Jawline is narrower than forehead.


The most suitable frame for oval faces:

Almost any style—round, rectangle, oval, square, wayfarer and Horn.

Reason: Provide a nice contrast to facial curves.

The frame to avoid:

Oversized frames.

Reason: oversized frames is too larger for oval faces.


A round jawline or chin

A wide forehead

Full cheeks


The most suitable frame for round faces

Angular, square frame shapes

Reason: angular, square frames give the illusion of a slimmer face.

The frame to avoid:

Too narrow and short frames

Round frames

Reason: too narrow or round frames make the round faces look wider or rounder.


A face with a broad forehead

A face with horizontal jawline


The most suitable frame for square faces

Round, oval or Wayfarer frames

Dark or bold frames

Reason: a round or oval frames add contrast to square face shapes.

The frame to avoid

Geometric and square shapes

Reason: geometric and square add too many angles to square face.


A face with broad forehead, but a small chin.

High cheekbones.


The most suitable frame for heart faces

Rectangle, oval and Wayfarer frames

Thin or light color

Reason: balance the width of heart face

The frame to avoid:

Too heavy and darker style.

Reason: don't draw more attention to upper face.


Narrow forehead

Narrow jawline

The widest part of face is cheekbones


The most suitable frame for diamond faces

Rectangle, oval or horn frame

Rimless frames

Brow-line frames

Reason: balance facial features and accentuate the eyes

Frames to avoid

Narrow or thin frames

Reason: make the upper cheekbones


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