How often do you need a pair of new glasses?

    How often do you change your glasses? Every year? Or two years? Or even longer? Or does the prescription remain unchanged? In fact, glasses also have a lifespan.

Learn about Lens:

    Nowadays, lenses are mostly made of resin. Resin lenses are lightweight, not easy to break, but bad in hardness and easy to scratch. Generally, lenses only have diopter and do not have protective function, so it is necessary to add various protective layers for lenses.

    However, if the layer is not resistant to high temperature and scratches are not prevented, cracks and scratches will occur due to external factors, lenses yellowing, color deposition and other phenomena will appear. Membrane crack will directly affect the visual acuity when the line of sight is serious, which will cause myopia degree deepened. The scratch of lens optical center will directly affect the clarity of lens, causing a series of symptoms such as stray light, visual fatigue and so on.

Learn about frames

    For now, the glasses frames are divided into plastic and metal frames.

  Plastic frames are not resistant to high temperature and low temperature, it is easy to be deformed in high temperature, and easy to be harden to break under low temperature. Unlike acetate frames, slightly poor crafted TR90 frames will fade in a large area, affecting the beauty.

  Metal frames are easy to deform, once deformed, it cannot be restored basically, resulting in wearing imbalance, affecting the wearing comfort. In addition, the metal frames will also appear surface discoloration and detachment, peeling off, sweat corrosion fracture and other issues.

The impact of glasses aging:

    In daily life, most people would take off glasses with one hand, which results in uneven force on both sides, loosening of hinge screw due to frequent opening and closing, or rough treatment of glasses, such as falling, collision, etc. This will cause frame deformation, thus leading to the bias of lenses, increasing the burden of eye’s adjustment function. It has a significant impact to eye balls.

    Moreover, no matter the acetate frame or the alloy frame, in the long-term wear process, it will be eroded by fat and sweat acid, resulting in fading or paint stripping. The aging or worn out of glasses not only affect the comfort, but also the appearance.

    In short, damaged glasses will not only cause visual fatigue, dry eyes, astringency, etc., but also lead to the acceleration of  myopia degree deepened.

When should you change your glasses?

    Lenses: For more than 2 years, the clarity of the lenses has been reduced. The surface of the lenses has been shedding or cracking. The optical center of the lens is seriously worn and the lenses are yellowish.

    Frame: Serious distortion of the frame cannot be restored, parts are broken, the frame is seriously discolored (especially in the position of contact with skin), and the frame is hardened and cracked.


How to protect your glasses better?

1. Clean the glasses with special glasses cloth, if the lens is stained with dust or sand, rinse it with clean water and then wipe it clean.

2. When taking off glasses, it's better to hold the legs of the glasses with both hands and remove them in parallel directions along both sides of the cheeks.

3. When you don't wear glasses, wrap them with a glasses cloth and put them in the glasses box.

4. Go to the optical shop regularly to maintain the eyeglasses. If the frame is deformed, it will also cause a burden to the nose and ears, and the lenses are easy to loosen.

5. People with strong prescription are recommended to prepare  spare glasses to prevent glasses from being replaced in time when suddenly damaged, so as not to affect their daily work or travel.

    In addition, regular inspection of eyesight is also very important. Regular inspection can help people to check whether the eyesight has changed, and then adjust the prescription of glasses appropriately. People can also check whether the glasses have deformation or scratches. Regular maintenance and timely updating can keep the glasses in good working condition.


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