How Do You Choose the Best Eyeglass Sizes?

Irrespective of the shape of your face, buying the right size of eyewear frame is very important. Buying small or oversized glasses can detract from the beauty and style of your pair. It will also affect the fitting and comfort when wearing it. Of course, if you are buying in-store, you can try out a couple of pairs to get the best size for you.

However, if you are shopping for your eyewear online, you must understand sizing and how to choose the accurate size for your face shape. The first thing you must realize is that there are numerous sizes of eyeglasses and your choice of frames must be fitted to ensure accurate fit, appearance, and comfort.

Whatever is your face shape and structure, you can be sure to find the perfect eyewear that fits you. The good news is that VlookGlasses makes the choice easy for you. You can choose your pair of glasses based on your specific size and they will be delivered to your doorsteps without any issue. So, what tips should you follow when choosing the best eyeglass size?

Highlights of Different Eyeglass Frame Sizes

You must understand your frame size before you shop for eyewear online. When shopping for one online, you would be required to provide detailed information about your purchase and if you do not give the appropriate frame size, you may have an issue when your order is delivered. In this part, we will look at how to choose the right size of specs without any issue.

Types of Frame Sizes and How to Choose the Perfect Size

There are four categories of sizes for frames. It comes with measurement and each is designed to fit a specific face. Below are the sizes and measurements for eyeglasses frames that you should know about:

  • Small Eye sizes: 40-48 mm
  • Medium Eye sizes: 49-54 mm
  • Large Eye sizes: 55-58 mm
  • Extra-Large Eye sizes: Above 58 mm

The most crucial rule to observe when selecting an accurate frame size is to choose a frame that is neither too large nor too small. A big frame will feel heavy on your face and make you feel uncomfortable. Additionally, a large-sized frame will make your eyes look smaller than they are.

The proof that you are wearing the right frame size is that you are unable to look out of the top or bottom and from the frame sides without looking through the area. The lenses of the frame should also shield about 80-90% of your vision.

How to Measure for Perfect Fitting Frame Size

Before you head over to an online store to order your eyeglasses, the first step is to measure yourself to know the perfect frame size for your face. To do this, you would need only a ruler to take the measurement. Follow the simple steps below to measure your face for perfect fitting frame size:

  • Stand before a mirror and position the rule in alignment with your temple.
  • Next, measure the distance between the temples using inches.
  • Multiply the value you get by 25.4 to convert the measurement from inches to millimeters.

When you are done measuring your face, the next step is to calculate the frame width of the eyewear that you desire. To do this, sum up the total width of both lenses and add the bridge width to it. It should be noted that the frame size may vary by about 3 mm from your measured value.

Therefore, when choosing a frame size, choose a size that is around the value of the length of your face.

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Important Tips to Choose the Perfect Frame Size for Your Face

If you are buying an eyeglass for the first time or you have been buying the wrong size, the first thing to do is to measure your face. When you have the figure, you can compare it with the one available on the frames you want at the online store. Here are simple tips to make shopping seamless and fun.

  • Eyeglass sizes are usually stamped at the inside of the frames' temples. With this, it becomes easier for your optician to choose the best-fitting eyewear for your facial features and head size.
  • The major measurements that highlight the size of an eyeglass are the temple length, bridge width, and eye size.
  • When you have found the right size of eyeglass, your eyewear will have specific fitting attributes. For one, your eyes will be centered in the frame's lens opening. The frame's weight will also be distributed evenly over the bridge of your nose.
  • With the right size of eyewear, you would not feel any remarkable pressure because the frame temples will be positioned to gently touch the sides of the head. They would also not be a big distance between your head and the frame.
  • The right frame size ensures that the temples are long enough and extend beyond the ears. This makes it possible to adjust the ends to fit into the contour of the head behind the ears, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.
  • The right frame size should make it possible for you to bend forward, shake your head, and look down at the floor without the eyewear sliding or slipping from your face or out of position.

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Conclusion of How Do You Choose the Best Eyeglass Sizes

Choosing the right frame size for your eyeglasses is very critical as it determines the fitting, comfort, and appearance of your eyewear. This post has looked at how you can choose the best eyeglass size and the tips shared apply to both prescription and fashion eyewear.

Generally, your optician can help you to choose the right size for your glasses but in some cases, you would still need to adjust. As mentioned, the frame size can vary by about 3 mm. Therefore, whatever choice of the size you make should fall within this range.

If you are looking for the perfect size of eyeglasses, you should check VlookGlasses for some of the best options that you can find. You are sure to find the perfect style and size of eyeglasses for you on the site.


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