Eye Protection: How to Protect the Window of Your Soul?


    Can't live without your cell phone, tablet and computer? Colorful and endless digital devices make you dazzled?

    At present, whether teenagers study or adults work (especially office workers), they all need to use their eyes for a long time, which is accompanied by various eye problems: visual fatigue, dry eyes and other uncomfortable symptoms, which will further lead to myopia or astigmatism. Eye protection is closely related to the quality of our life.

Why does long-term using of digital devices cause eye discomfortableness ?

    When using electronic screen, our blinking frequency will be reduced due to the high concentration of attention, the distribution of tear in the eye surface will be reduced, leading to dry eye syndrome. In addition, when we work at close range, the muscles in our eyes are used to regulate the distant and near vision. The ciliary muscles will always be in a contraction state, causing symptoms related to visual fatigue, including fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, eye soreness, even headache, nausea, and dry eye symptoms such as dry eye, transient blurred vision. Such symptoms can occur at the same time, which will greatly affect work efficiency and quality of life.

How to protect our eyes?

1. Blink more

    Normally, the frequency of blinks per minute is about 15 to 20. When using electronic devices, consciously increase the frequency of blinks and try to keep the eyes moist.

2. Rest more

    After 30-40 minutes of close distance work, you should close your eyes and rest for a while or look into the distance, do some eyes massage to relieve ciliary muscle and reduce the occurrence of visual fatigue.

3. Adjust screen brightness

    Adjust the brightness and font size of the electronic screen to a comfortable state: the font size can be seen without squinting, and the screen brightness can be seen without glare and effort. The screen position should be set as the following distance:

4. Apply hot compress

    Applying a warm towel to the eyes can promote blood circulation in the eyes. Be careful not to burn yourself at a too high temperature.

5. Get a suitable pair of glasses

    If you can't see clearly, don't use your eyes reluctantly. Purchase a pair of glasses to help you study or work better.

6. Balanced nutrition

    Eat eye-care food, but not excessive supplements of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, etc. You can eat some cod-liver oil, dark fruit and so on. Adult men and women need to take 800 and 700 micrograms of vitamin A per day, respectively. Do not partial or excessive intake of protein, sugar and so on.

7. Reduce the dependence on digital products

    Since the radiation and blue light produced by digital devices are inevitable, the time and frequency of using digital devices can be minimized, and some blue light can be resisted by wearing anti-blue glasses.

8. Correct eye-use habits

    Correct eye habit is an important link in controlling eyesight. Don't lie down or side playing with mobile phones or watching TV, etc. When reading and writing, sit upright, and don't too high or too low the tables, chairs and benches, so as to avoid affecting people's study posture. Students in the classroom should often switch from side to side to avoid myopia or strabismus. Not to mention lying down when you are reading books or newspapers. In addition, it is not appropriate to read on cars and trains, in order to avoid eye fatigue.

9. Reasonable work and relax

    Form a regular working and sleeping habit. Take adequate sleep. Insufficient sleep will lead to conjunctival congestion, increased secretions, photophobia, tears, eye soreness and other conjunctival and corneal inflammation. Eye damage caused by sand, smoke, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, chemicals and medical supplies should be avoided as far as possible.

10. Increase outdoor activities

    Outdoor activities can promote blood circulation and metabolism, increase blood supply to the eyes. Blood contains a lot of nutrients and oxygen, which can improve the eyesight. In addition, eye exercises can relax the ciliary muscles and provide adequate rest for the eyes.


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