How to Do with Eyestrain?


    What is eyestrain?

    Eyestrain is a common condition that occurs when your eyes get tired from long time using without rest, such as  driving long distances or staring at computer screens and other digital devices for long time.

    Eyestrain can be annoying. But it isn't terrible actually once your eyes take some regular rest or  you take other steps to reduce eye discomfort. In some cases, eyestrain symptoms is a sign that indicates your eyes are in an underlying condition and need treatment or one pair of glasses on VlookOptical

    What are the symptoms of eyestrain?

  • Eye pain, burning or itching;
  • Dry and sore eyes;
  • Blurred or duplicated vision;
  • Visual acuity deterioration;
  • Shoulder, neck or back pain;
  • Feel your eyes can't keep open.

    What causes eyestrain?

  • long-term using of digital devices without relaxing your eyes; 
  • focusing on a single task for a long time, such as driving or reading;
  • being in an inadequate environment, either too dim or too bright;
  • feeling stressed or tired;
  • experiencing poor vision or eye problems like dry eyes;
  • long-term exposure to dry environment, such as long-term open air conditioning, fans, heating, etc.

    Actually, overusing of digital devices is the main cause of eyestrain for modern people. The report from The Vision Council suggests that 87 percent of adults in the United States use one or more digital devices for more than two hours a day. The use of digital devices is not exclusive to adults. The same report states that 76.5 percent of American children are looking at screens for more than two hours a day.

    Some causes specific to digital eyestrain:

    1. screen brightness: The screen brightness of digital devices should not be too different from the ambient brightness, too dark or too bright is both harmful to eye health;

    2. screen glare: Screen glare can accelerate the appearance of eyestrain;

    3. screen blue light: Short-wave blue light emitted by electronic screens has high energy, which can directly reach the fundus of the eye and threaten eye health.

    4. long-term use of digital devices without enough rest for the eyes.

    How to do with eyestrain?

  • Relax your eyes every regular time.
  • Wear anti-glare or anti-blue glasses when using digital devices. (You can get one anti-blue light lens on VlookOptical by clicking here)
  • Adjust the digital screen or light to the appropriate brightness according to the environment.
  • Adjust environmental humidity: long-term staying in air-conditioning or heating environment, will increase eye comfort due to humidifier;
  • Proper use of eye drops;
  • People who often drive long distances is suggested to wear anti-reflection glasses. (This coating is also hot-sale on VlookOptical, click here to choose one if you like)
  • Reduce the time spent in digital devices, put down your cell phone or computer, and do some outdoor activities.

    Eyes are the windows of our souls. Suffering from eyestrain for a long time may cause eye diseases. If your eyestrain has not been alleviated in a long time, it is suggested to consult an ophthalmologist. It is also obliged to wear protective glasses when necessary.


    VlookOptical has a wide range of protective glasses for you to choose, we are looking forward to escorting your eyes!


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