Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Indeed, we are living in a digitally connected world where we do almost everything online. Whether its business, shopping, work, or education, we look up to gadgets, including cellphones, televisions, computers, and many more. Even if you are reading this article, you are surely looking at your screen right now. But are you aware that all the gadgets emit blue light? You must be. Obviously, they are harmful. It is a type of light that causes headache and interrupt sleep-wake circles.

Besides, gadgets are not the only sources that emit blue light, but UV light from the sun is also dangerous. So, if you are a workaholic who spends almost 10 hours in front of a computer or a salesman who spends most of the time on the streets - blue light glasses should be your choice. With quality pair of blue-light-blocking glasses, you can easily take preventive measures against the damaging effects.

Blue light glasses filter the blue light while making your vision clear. Since nowadays they are high in demand, you can find various lens options in the market. If you are wondering where you will see blue light glasses, let us break the ice for you. Vlookoptical has got everything you need.

Just like regular glasses - blue light glasses are also available in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Either you want tortoiseshell glasses or need a cat-eye frame; you can easily get your hands on it. If you are thinking about its benefits, they are uncountable. With headache prevention, it reduces eye strain, improves sleep quality, and many more. Not just this, blue light glasses filter more blue light than high index options and polycarbonate lens, which makes them perfect for heavy screen days.

Where Can Buy Blue Light Glasses?

Since they are high in demand - they are readily available in the market. But if you are looking for top-quality blue light glasses at fair prices, Vlookoptical has got you covered. There is no second thought about it that blue light haram retinas while causing headache and eye strain. Even it can affect your sleep. But filtering it out with the help of blue light glasses can save your vision. So don’t wait any longer and buy blue light glasses.

Where Can Buy Blue Light Glasses Where Can Buy Blue Light Glasses

Computer Glasses Vs. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

It may seem like a new thing, but computer glasses have been around for quite a long time. Where blue light glasses filter out blue light - computer glasses serve the purpose of reducing DES (digital eye strain). Besides, computer glasses have an anti-glare coating that reduces that reflection on the front surface of the lens. If we talk about blue light glasses, there are two types: daywear and nightwear. Some people confuse daytime glasses with computer glasses because they work exactly the same way as computer glasses but still, there a few differences.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Price in American Blue Light Blocking Glasses Price in American

Besides, nightwear blue light glasses have tinted glass, usually in orange or red. They filter out the entire blue light spectrum as they are meant to be worn at night. Keep in mind, you can't wear them in front of a display, as they protect you from the blue light after the sunsets.

However, the main difference between the two is that you can wear blue light glasses both at the day and night time. But you can only wear computer glasses while using a screen. Additionally, blue light glasses offer just one thing - blue light protection - nothing more and nothing less. On the other hand, computer glasses with filtering out blue light also offer decentered pupillary distance and slight magnification. 

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How To Test If My Glasses Are Blocking Blue Light

Before buying blue-light-blocking glasses, make sure you are purchasing the right pair. Obviously, you don't want to invest your money in something worthless. So, when you get yourself a pair of blue light glasses, test how effective there are at blocking the blue light. If you are thinking about how you will do that, keep reading, we have gathered some insightful information for you. There are multiple ways to test your glasses, but you can assess them with the RGB color test while staying at home.

All you have to do is look at the RGB color test without glasses; you would see the red, green, and blue color chart has an outer ring in dark blue color and an inner ring in light blue color. Now put on your blue light blocking glasses - if your eyeglass pair has 100% blue light blocking glass, you will not be able to see the blue center.

So, if you care about your vision and want to save your eyes from harmful light - buy yourself a pair of specs with blue-light-blocking glasses immediately.


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