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Although grey hair is associated with age, many men and women prematurely grow grey hair early in life. The truth is that it always feels too early to grow grey hair regardless of your age. Well, white hair is not all that bad. It can be a good touch to your personality most times as it gives you a scholarly or distinguished look.

Another great thing about white hair is that it allows you to wear almost any eyeglass frames color. The reason for this is because it does not clash with most patterns and colors on the frame. Of course, this does not mean that you can wear ANY frame colors that catch your fancy.

There are some colors that you still have to avoid with your white hair but you have more options than restrictions. This post looks at the best color glasses for white hair that you can explore and if you are looking for the best place to buy your pair, VlookGlasses has got you covered.

Red Plastic Glasses Frames

Opposite attracts and this is no truer than in the case of rocking a pair of red plastic glasses frames with your white hair. This combination gives a bold and strong look that makes you stand out from the crowd. Many people would want to avoid the red color because of the strong contrast to other color tones but with your white hair, you have nothing to worry about.

Instead of creating a color clash, a red frame on your white hair creates a bold impression and adds a touch of warmth to your appearance. If you do not want to get lost in the crowd, choose red plastic glasses frames and you will be amazed at how striking you will look.

VlookGlasses has a wide range of options that you can consider. They include Casey, Dora, Heidi, Gita, Lola, Sophia, and Blair, among others. Red frames will also look great on you if you have a pale complexion with your white hair.

Navy Blue Eyeglasses Frames

Blue will also look bold anytime and any day. Therefore, choosing the navy blue eyeglasses frames would be a great choice. For one, they are super vibrant, and second, they are memorable, making you unforgettable. These pairs harmonize perfectly with your grey hair and when you combine a pair with other blue accessories, you are sure to pop and take the center stage.

The great part is that navy blue eyeglasses frames can work for both prescription and fashion eyewear. This means that whatever is your need or preference, you are sure to find the perfect complement for your white hair. If you have grey beards too, a bold blue eyeglass will create a strong contrast for your face.

Navy blue is not restricted to only the female gender, you will find great pairs for men too. Some chic and cool navy blue eyeglasses that you can find on VlookGlasses include Wave, Victory, Esme, Terence, Beata, and Connie.

Brown and White Glasses Frames

If you love keeping things classic, a pair of brown and white glasses frames would look nice and classy on you. With these pairs, you can bring some unique definitions to your face and make a strong fashion statement. Brown and white glasses frames work for any occasion, whether as work glasses, party glasses, or weekend glasses.

You can rock your eyewear anyhow and anywhere you want. You can consider eyewear that comes with colorful details, such as strong contrasting nose-bridges or arms. They always bring the warmth out of your face. If your color is pale and tilted towards white, you may want to consider pair with more dark brown than white.

This will surely give a strong contrast to your skin tone. Warm glasses bring out the youthful aesthetic to your face and strongly contrast your white hair. Some great pieces you can find on VlookGlasses include Arlene, Clair, and Hepburn.

Vogue Purple Plastic Glasses Frames

Purple is a rich and strong color, so it is understandable if it feels like a huge jump for you. However, you must remember that the trick to achieving an outstanding look is to get a color contrast for your hair. Your white hair can accommodate a pair of vogue purple glasses frames.

Thanks to your silver hair, you have the opportunity to explore a variety of glasses styles, designs, and colors. If you want to establish a distinguished personality, you cannot go wrong with a pair of vogue purple plastic glasses frames. To complement the look, you can add some subtle accessories in shades of purple and you are ready to take the spotlight.

VlookGlasses has some great choices of purple eyeglasses that you can explore. Some examples of styles and designs that you will find on the site include Abby, Crystal, Julia, Reverse, Rococo, Skyler, and Theodore, among others.

Eyeglasses Frames to Avoid

If you are shopping for eyewear, you have probably been wearing eyeglasses for a long time. However, as age creeps in and your hair starts turning white, there are some colors and designs of eyewear that you need to steer away from. For instance, yellow, beige, and gold tones are colors you should avoid.

These colors can clash with your hair color and may also have a dulling effect on your face. Additionally, you should steer clear of grey-looking eyewear. These pairs tend to make you look older and would not be ideal if you want to achieve a youthful look.

Rimless glasses frames are also something you should stay clear of. They have a knack for adding a few more years to your look. Instead, consider a large thick-framed glasses frame to get some years of your look.

Conclusion of Best Color Glasses For White Hair

There you have the top consideration for the best color glasses for white hair. Red, navy blue, brown and white, and purple frames are top choices for your silver hair. Whatever you do, make sure you avoid colors that can have a dulling effect, such as yellow, gold, and beige tone. A rimless glasses pair is also not a good idea but you will look more youthful with a large thick-framed eyewear frame.


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