Anti Blue Light Discoloration Eyeglasses Lens

——a revolution about myopia glasses

Do you often sit at the front of computer or play mobile phone wearing myopia glasses?

Do you often feel upset that you can’t wear a sunglass in summer because of your myopia?

Don’t worry!! Currently, VlookGlasses is bringing out a new style called Anti Blue Light Discoloration Lens, which will open your eyes and unfold a new colorful world for you.

What is Anti Blue Light Lens?

Anti Blue Light Lens can protect your eyes from HEV(High-Energy Visible Light). Not only because it could isolate ultraviolet rays and radiation, but it is also appropriate for watching TV or playing mobile phone.

What is Photochromic Lens?

Photochromic Lens is a kind of optical lens. Some special strong light, especially the UV, can deepen its color. However, the lens will turn to transparent status indoors.

In summary, the Anti Blue Light Discoloration Lenses can reduce the extent of blue light radiation from some electronic equipments and protect your eyes from the UV. Most importantly, it ensures you can experience sunglasses even when you are myopia or hyperopia.

How can we do it?

Anti Blue Light Discoloration Lens adopts coating color changing technology such as AR antireflective coating, anti-static coating, super hydrophobic layer, anti-scratch layer and photochromic layer, which makes the lenses change color under light outdoors and transparent indoors. The coating can not only resist blue light, it also have stable photochromic effect. It can satisfy both your wearing demands and eyes protection.

If you often feel upset that you can’t wear a sunglass in summer because of your myopia, or if you often feel eyestrain, Anti Blue Light Discoloration Lens is your best choice on VlookGlasses!!!! 



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