Who need Blue light blocking glasses?


    What is blue light? Short-wave blue light is a kind of light with relatively high energy between 400nm and 480nm. Long-time exposure to blue light at this wavelength can lead to endocrine disorders, visual fatigue, and even visual impairment. Blue light exists in a large number of electronic screens and LED light sources, so it can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Nowadays, LED lights are widely used in computers screen, mobile screens, and other digital devices. People have more and more opportunities to contact blue light in daily life, so the protection of blue light is imminent.

1. What groups of people need blue light protection?

    With the popularity of digital devices users, digital devices have become a part of our life. People who use digital devices such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, and other digital devices for a long term need a pair of anti-blue glasses. The one who has normal eyesight can choose non-prescription blue light blocking lenses. For those, who are nearsighted are recommend a pair of prescription anti-blue glasses. VlookOptical also has photochromic glasses, which are ordinary blue-light-proof lenses indoors and can change color according to ultraviolet intensity when worn outdoors to resist some ultraviolet and blue light to protect your eyes better.

2. The harm of blue light to eyes

    Chronic exposure to blue light can reduce the production of melatonin, a sleep-controlling hormone that can disrupt your circadian rhythm. Blue light affects our hormonal balance and thus promotes the development of chronic diseases. In addition, blue light can damage our retina and macular area, leading to macular lesions. Many people also suffer from mild symptoms caused by blue light, such as dry eyes, prickling glasses, blurred eyes, headaches and visual fatigue.

3. How to reduce the harm of blue light?

  • Protective eyewear

    If you use your cell phone regularly - especially when you use it mainly for text messaging, email and web browsing - a convenient way to reduce blue exposure is to wear blue-light-proof glasses.

  • Use blue light filters

    Another convenient way to reduce blue light exposure is to use blue light filters. These filters can be used on smartphones, tablets and computer screens, which can prevent a lot of blue light from these devices from reaching your eyes without affecting the visibility of the display. Some are made of thin toughened glass, which also protects the screen of your device from scratches.

  • Have good eye-using habits

    Do not use electronic products for a long time and at close range, take a rest for 10 minutes every half hour, and massage your eyes properly to relax your eye muscles.



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