Skin Tone and Perfect Frame Color

    Although knowing face shape can determine appropriate style of your glasses, choosing right color is also very important. Your skin, hair color, and eye color will determine which color of glasses can flatter your features. “How to select the best eyeglasses color for your skin tone?” we provide a comprehensive guide to help you picking and selecting a right color for your glasses.

    Determining your skin tone is a primary consideration when you choose eyeglass color. You should choose the glasses color that complements your natural tones. Skin color is often divided into two categories: warm and cool. A warm color skin tone tends to make skin yellow or green color. A cool color skin tone tends to make blue or pink undertone. Some people belong to those two categories, they can make determine their glasses color based on their eye color or hair color.

    Warm tones often do well with similarly warm colors, it contains beige, brown, gold, pink, orange, off-white, red, yellow and green. Cool tones often do well with similarly cool tone, it contains black, gray, pink, blue and purple. In addition, overall shadow also can determine the glasses color. Overall shadow contains light, medium and dark. Comparing your shadows with lighter or darker shadows by using more saturated hue to cater for your undertone. There are six totally skin tone categories:

Light Skin with Warm Undertone

    If you have light skin with warm undertone (yellow or green background), you can try warm twilight of brown color. You’d better avoid any blue or lighter color.

Light skin with Cool Undertone

    A person who is in this category always have lighter skin with a pink or blue undertone. Cooler hues and neutrals are good choices for this skin tone. It contains blues, pinks, and jewel tones. Those colors are ideal choices. In addition, cool beige is also a good choice. Avoiding yellow tone, such as gold and green, because those colors may conflict with your skin tone.

Medium skin with Warm Undertone

    Medium casting to their skin and yellow or green undertone is characteristic of a person in this category. The light brown, tortoiseshell, warm browns, green and gold looks wonderfully with this skin tone. Avoid using cooler jewel tones, these colors will clash with your skin.

Medium skin with cool Undertone

    Medium skin tones with a pink or blue undertone is characteristic of a person in this cool category. Jewel tones looks wonderfully with this skin color category such as blues, purples, and blue-tone reds. A strong black or dark gray also are good choices for eyewear color. Avoid using muted or warm hues, those color will clash with your skin.

Deep skin with Warm undertone

    Deep skin tone with a golden cast is characteristic of a person in this category. Any tortoiseshell, deep browns and golds look beautiful in this skin tone.

Deep skin with cool undertone

    Deep shades with a cool blue undertone are characteristic of a person in this category. Purple, black, blue-based greens and smoky blues look beautiful in this skin tone.

Hair Color

    Hair color is also important feature for choosing eyeglass colors. Hair color also contains both warm and cool variations. There are mainly seven kinds of hair color such as warm blond, cool blond, warm brown, cool brown, red hair, black hair and gray and white hair.

Warm blond

    Warm blond hair with honey or bronze undertone is in darker side of the blond spectrum. Golden blond and dirty blond both meet this category. Warm blonde-haired people are lucky, because they can choose a wide variety of colors. Pink and brown look excellent for warm blonde-haired people.

Cool blond

    Cool blond hair is lighter than warm blond hair. Cool blonde-haired people always have platinum and ash blond hair with white or gray undertones. Black, blue and purple look beautiful for cool blonde-haired people.

Warm Brown

    Warm brown is always with gold or red undertones. Brown and gold hair are characteristic of a person in this category. Warmer shades color works well for warm brown hair such as greens, reds, gold and tortoiseshell.

Cool brown

    Cool brown is always with light gray and gray undertone. Ash brown and cooler shades are good examples of cool brown hair. Black, pink and blue frames looks beautiful with cool brown hair. Cooler browns, tortoiseshell and beiges also work well with this color.

Red Hair

    Red hair is naturally a warm and vibrant color. Red hair contains two color tone: warm and cool. For the cool red hair, blue and black frame look well with this color tone. The warmer red matchs the green and gold color.

Black Hair

    Black hair contains warm black(brown-black) and cool black (blue-black). Black frame and green frame are always looking well with black hair, no matter warm or cool; In addition, the cool black hair will pair well with blues, while warmer blacks will pair well with browns. Red and purple variations are always good choices for black hair.

Gray and White Hair

    More vibrant colors like bright red or purple look very wonderful with gray and white hair. In addition, avoid beige or brown tone, these colors may clash with your skin tone.

Eye color

    Eye color is also a very important issue for choosing a appropriate frame. People are willing to pick a pair of glasses mimicking their eye color. There are some mainly color of eye such as green eyes, blue eyes, Hazel eyes and Brown eyes.

There is a guide to help pick suitable frames for your eye color:


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