Tips: What is the Air Conditioning Disease of the Eye?


     Staying in a comfortable environment with air conditioners in hot summer is preferable for us. While air conditioners provide relief and help us stay in cool temperatures, most of us are unaware that they create an artificial temperature change which in turn is unhealthy. Little do we know about the kind of harm air conditioners do to our health, such as the discomfort of waist and shoulders, and eyes. Some of the syndromes are Xerophthalmia (Dry eye syndrome), or dryness of eyeballs.

    Dry eye syndrome is a phenomenon in which the conjunctiva is dried mainly due to the loss of moisture in the conjunctival tissue itself. Summertime is the peak of Dry eye syndrome.

    Nowadays, many people are working with computers in the company and using mobile phones at home in an air-conditioned environment for the long term. Unconsciously, the blinking rate is reduced, coupled with the dry environment and the digital screen which contains a large amount of blue light, therefore the eyes are getting more and more tired. Especially for those who wear contacts, the contact lenses may fall off or stick to the eyeballs because of the loss of moisture.

    The dual factors for dry eye syndrome are air conditioner and digital devices, and they also can cause: dry eyes, eye fatigue, itchy eyes, burning sensation, thick secretions, fear of wind, photophobia, sensitivity, and other symptoms.

    It may sound terrible, but don't worry! There are many precautions:

  1. Blink more

    Relax your eyes more frequently after long-term using computers or tablets. Keep your eyes at a distance of 20~27 inches from the screen. A small humidifier is recommended to keep the environment moist and reduce the eyes moisture loss rate.

  1. Apply a hot or cold compress

     Apply hot compress frequently using the heat moist to relieve eye fatigue; or cover your eyes with your hands after friction, move your eyes in a circular motion. Before sleeping, you can also take a physical cooling by using a towel wrapping the ice bag or soaked in the cold water. This method can not only relieve dry eyes but also prevent dark under-eye circles.

  1. Take a massage

    Give a massage to your eyes every time when you take a break. It doesn’t waste any time. Use the joint of the forefinger, from the brows to the eyebrows, press the eye contour to the temple with a certain force, press back and forth 10 to 20 times. A simple action, super effective, just try it!

  1. Eat eye-protecting foods

    The other way to protect eyes from dry eyes syndrome is eating fruits or vegetables which contain plenty of Vitamin A or Vitamin B1, such as apple, pears, strawberries, blueberries, cabbage, tomato, and carrots.

    Technology is a double-edged sword, which brings us more convenience and comfortable environment but also damages to our health. We can not avoid the discomfort of these products brought to our eyes, but VlookOptical anti-blue lenses can block the blue light of electronic products and bring you a comfortable experience to your eyes!


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