How to Order Astigmatism and Presbyopia

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    There is an annoyance that most middle-aged and elder people will encounter, having both astigmatism and presbyopia. How to get prescription glasses online scientifically with the two problems at the same time?

    We have found that more and more wearers are very concerned about this problem, and people always consider it is very serious when the two symptoms occurred together, actually it is not! Please see the explanation from VlookOptical.

First of all, what are presbyopia and astigmatism?

    Presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon, not a pathological state. It is not a phenomenon of refractive error, but a visual problem that will inevitably arise after people enter their middle-aged and old age. People can't escape presbyopia, even if they've never had a vision problem before. The main feature of it is having blurred vision at the near, but clear vision when looking far.

    Astigmatism is an abnormal refractive condition of the eye, which is mainly related to the corneal refractive index. When parallel light enters the eye, it cannot focus at one point (focus), because the refractive power of the eye varies along different meridians, and then it cannot form a clear image, which is called astigmatism. The main features are visual overlap, visual impairment, and visual fatigue.


Secondly, what causes presbyopia and astigmatism?

    Presbyopia does not occur suddenly, but an age-related process. It is a gradual thickening and loss of flexibility of the natural lens inside your eyes. Generally, people will have a presbyopia phenomenon around 40-43 years old, 43-46 years old it will grow to about ±1.50, and the sphere power will increase to about CYL: ±2.00 when people are 46-50 years old, and so on, the sphere power will increase with age.

    Astigmatism is caused by different eye habits, resulting in irregular areas of the fundus oculi which are usually linear and directional (i.e., axes) and leading to image duplication or blurring.

How to correct vision for presbyopia with astigmatism?

    It’s known that the primary way to correct astigmatism is to wear glasses; the same for both presbyopia and astigmatism. For now, the safest and effective correcting way is wearing glasses. It is only a little different in the process of selecting lenses.

How to get prescription glasses online correctly with both presbyopia and astigmatism on your prescription?

    The primary thing of wearing glasses with presbyopia and astigmatism is to have an accurate eye exam.

    Therefore, before buying reading glasses, we highly recommend our consumers to get an accurate eye exam and purchase a pair of customizing prescription reading glasses rather than buying a finished reading glasses, which will only make the visual acuity decline faster and other more serious issues.

Single vision Vs. Multi-focus reading glasses, which is the best for you?

    How to correctly buying glasses for the presbyopia? Because of the difference between looking near and far, when people wear a pair of common glasses, the inconsistency between the distant and near-sighted sphere power will lead to frequent changes of glasses. It will easily cause eye fatigue, and the sphere power of the presbyopia will increase. 

    Therefore, a pair of progressive multi-focus glasses is recommended by VlookOptical. This kind of glasses is characterized by lenses with multiple central points, the upper light area is far, the lower one is near, and the middle one has an excessive area. It is the best choice for reading glasses. At the same time, you can also add CYL to your progressive multi-focus glasses, and then there is no need to change glasses frequently when they look far and near.

    However, progressive multi-focus glasses require high eye adaptability. They are not necessarily suitable for all people and maybe uncomfortable to wear especially for those with high astigmatism (over CYL:±1.50). So, VlookOptical suggests that you can also buy two pairs of glasses, one for long-distance viewing and the other for close reading, which is more comfortable to wear, but it's troublesome to change glasses frequently.

    With the introduction above, it can be seen that presbyopia and astigmatism are same as myopia and astigmatism, which can also restore our normal vision by wearing glasses. Of course, the premise is that the sphere power is accurate and the processing data is correct, then the problem of shopping presbyopia and astigmatism glasses on the Internet can be solved perfectly.


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