Still Buying Reading Glasses from Wal-Mart? Age ≠ Prescription


   Presbyopia is a phenomenon that will inevitably occur after people are 40-45 years old. With the age growing, the lens elasticity in eyes will decrease, leading to people's blurred vision in reading or other close-range work, and increasing year by year. The phenomenon of presbyopia is the same as that of white hair when people grow old. It is an inevitable physiological phenomenon. There is no need to worry or confused about it. However, do we have anything to adapt to it? You can find the answers at this article on

    Does the degree of presbyopia have anything to do with age?

    Generally speaking, the presbyopia degree is related to people's age as well as their personal conditions, such as eye-using habits, diet and so on, so the age of presbyopia varies from person to person. Widespread use of digital devices makes the phenomenon of visual fatigue more and more common, leading to an earlier trend in the age of presbyopia, so it is unscientific to purchase presbyopia glasses directly according to the age control table queried on the Internet. Generally, the presbyopia degree starts at -1.00 after people enter 45 years old, and increases by -0.50 degrees every year.

    Do you need an eye exam with reading glasses?

    The answer is yes. Since reading glasses are usually only used when looking near objects, most people will choose to buy finished reading glasses, which are often have the same binocular prescription and fixed pupil distance. Most people have myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or refractive errors. Moreover, the sphere power of two eyes is usually different. The finished reading glasses cannot provide the best wearing effect, but may lead to visual fatigue or other phenomenas. Therefore, it is necessary to go to the hospital for a comprehensive ophthalmic examination, including hyperopia, myopia, intraocular pressure and fundus examination before buying reading glasses. Only after cataract, glaucoma and some fundus diseases are excluded can the presbyopia prescription be confirmd.

    Will myopic people be presbyopic?

    There is a saying that "myopia will not grow presbyopia ". In fact, this sentence is wrong. Not only will myopic people get presbyopia, but also hyperopic people get presbyopia at a certain age. The stronger the prescription of hyperopia, the earlier the presbyopia will come. Myopic people should have two pairs of glasses, one pair of prescription glasses and one pair of reading glasses. If you need to change these two glasses frequently, a progressive multi-focus glasses will be your convenient choice, click here to learn about progressive multi-focus glasses.

    Do reading glasses need to be replaced frequently?

    The elders’ prescription will deepen with the age increasing. Once the reading glasses are inappropriate, they must be replaced in time. Otherwise, they will bring many inconveniences to the aged life and increase the presbyopia degree. Reading glasses lenses will be scratched and aged when used for a long time, resulting in a decline in light transmission and affecting the image quality of lenses.

    Can you replace reading glasses with magnifying glasses?

    Many old people like to use magnifiers to paste on small words to achieve magnification effect, but magnifiers that are equivalent to 1000-2000 degrees of reading glasses, will "indulge" the eyes if so for a long time, and then it will be difficult to find the appropriate degree with matching one pair of reading glasses. Therefore, VlookGlasses suggested that when you find the phenomenon of presbyopia, you should go to the professional optometry center in time and match a pair of reading glasses suitable for your eyes.

    What aspects should we pay attention to when selecting reading glasses?

  • Lightweight: Selecting light metal or plastic reading glasses will make you more comfortable when reading or doing near-sighted work and avoid feeling of oppression.
  • Anti-skid: The frame with adjustable anti-skid silica gel nosepads should be preferred. Since reading glasses are usually used to see near objects, many people used to look down or sideways. Silica gel nose pads are the best accessory to prevent glasses from sliding down frequently.
  • Size: When choosing reading glasses, we should also consider the face shape and size. If your face is small, too large frames may impair the visual corrective properties and cause eye fatigue; if large, too small frames will also lead to bad effect.
  • Durability: Although the degrees of reading glasses lenses need to be changed frequently, a comfortable frame may bring you better wearing enjoyment, and can be used for a long time, if necessary, just change the lenses is also a good idea.

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