Ready for A New Vision? 10 Signs You Need Eyeglasses


Blessed are people who are born with a good pair of eyes, optimally functional and beautiful too. With time, the eyes remain the same but the vision changes. Many people around us wear glasses to correct their eyesight problems, but actually more people should be wearing them. Many people don’t realize they need a pair of glasses. Only after a certain point when it becomes extremely difficult to read or write or concentrate on doing things that require lots of eye work, they understand that specs are needed.

However, there are some clear cut signs and symptoms that indicate, it’s time to get your eyes checked and probably adorn a pair of classy glasses.

1. Blurred vision: Probably the most  blurry vision yet the clearest sign for poor eyesight. People initially tend to ignore or look over that they are facing difficulty in reading and writing, and often rub their eyes with full force for a minute or two and they are ready to go for work again, thinking the problem is solved. However, it is not so. Farsightedness, shortsightedness, and astigmatism is the cause of such a disturbance. Ignorance is the first mistake, second is rubbing the eyes and third is persistently denying that you have a problem.

2. Mild headaches: When you just start concentrating to look at something and within 10 to 20 minutes you start feeling a mild headache, it is because of the forced vision. The small muscles in the eyes get strained and cause headaches. An optician should be met early for diagnosis.

3. Watching TV, phones and computer screens closely: If you often sit in the front row while watching screens of any display media, then there is trouble and it is worrisome. The direct light that enters into your eyes is bad too. Try to sit far and get your eyes checked immediately.

4. Poor vision at night: Some people are the night owls who work at night. Staying up at night on monitors of computers and smartphones can greatly affect the vision, ultimately leading to the inability to see in dim lights.  

5. More illumination needed: Stepping into a dimly lighted room from a bright room can make you uncomfortable. This is due to the inability of the eye to adjust lights incoming from outside. The need for more light to get into the zone of proper sightedness is problematic. You should urgently see a doctor.

6. Double vision: The most common signs of all. People mostly complain a lot about this. Everything they see, they see twice. It is because the retina is forming two images, one next to another. Only a lens can correct such a problem of vision.

7. Halos around lights: Huge street lights, home lights, or the lights of vehicles are the source of halos. You are unable to see the light exactly, but see a hazy/blurred lighted thing at some distance. You actually are seeing halos. Halos arise from fatigued muscles of eyes that can’t focus the light enough.

8. Losing your position while reading: Mostly it is a distraction from outside that we forget where we were reading or our forgetfulness. If it is none of the either and still you forget where your finger was and retracing is difficult it is because you can’t see clearly. 

9. Positioning eyes to see: Closing one eye and focusing the other to watch, or frequently squinting to adjust lights entering into the eyes. Taking too much pressure to look at the screen or similar struggles can mean that the issue is big and needs urgent attention. Do not unnecessarily burden your eyes. If it feels heavy and tiring then please stop and visit doctor for some good advice.

10. Rubbing eyes: Heat, temperature, humidity, dust, and pollution are the factors that irritate the eyes, but if none of these factors are around your eyes then the eyes have some deeper problems within. The watery discharge from eyes or tears dropping while using the eyes too much is an area of grave concern.

The importance of one glasses for you

By now we are sure that you have realized why your eyes are so important and how its dysfunctionalities will affect you deeply at every moment. Certain parameters of the eyes that combine together to give you a great visual experience should be retracted to normal. Glasses are essential to correct eye-based issues. For that very purpose corrective lenses or pieces of glass are used that artificially corrects the eyes. When a corrective lens is positioned in front of the eye, the focal point will be adjusted to give the eyes better focus on images perceived onto the retina.


1. Clearer vision

Glasses helps us to see things clearer especially when we have myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Moreover, eyeglasses are great to help with vision-related headaches.

  • Myopia or nearsightedness can be corrected by a minus lens or concave lens. It pushes the focus way farther back. It is thicker at the base which enables the light to spread through the lens center and the focal point becomes longer when the strength of the lens increases.
  • Hyperometropia or farsightedness can be corrected by an outward facing lens (convex lens). This type of lens is thickest in the center like a magnifying glass that makes the light refracted toward the center. The numerical prescription with people who have hyperopia is always marked with a plus sign.
  • Astigmatism, the common lens used is a cylindrical lens. This lens curve more in one direction and it focuses the light into a line instead of a point, which creates one focal point instead of two.

2. Read in flow

The difficulties associated with reading paper and books are troublesome. Recognizing the letters is difficult since their vision becomes hazy. This can happen to anyone and reading glasses is highly recommended to such people.

3. Sun protection

UV radiation emitted by the sun can harm the eyes and its functionalities. Therefore sunglasses or eyeglasses is very important to wear. In addition, sunglasses right now has polarized lenses which helps to block  horizontal glare.

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