How to Balance Eye Safety and Beauty?


    Cosmetics must have its reason to last forever: bonny eyes are your best sign at any time which can add luster to you. That’s why women like to use eyes cosmetics to make them more pretty and charming. But the endless emergence of cosmetics products may have a variety of pathogenic risks to the eyes. Eyes are the windows of our hearts and the vulnerable organs exposed outside the human body. How to make sure the safety while being beautiful?

    These following tips may be helpful:

    1. Proper preservation

    Eye cosmetics needs to be stored in a cool, dry place. Excessive temperature or ultraviolet radiation can cause water evaporation or chemical changes in cosmetics. It should be stored in an airtight container to avoid mixing cosmetics with bacteria.

    2. Your ‘own’ cosmetics

    Use your own cosmetics. If you are the one always been ‘needed’ by others, learn to be selfish. Do not share eye cosmetics or cosmetic tools with others. If you are the ‘needier’, using others’ cosmetics may cause cross-infection and bacteria spread, furthermore, lead to eye infections.

    3. Learn to abandon

    Change eye cosmetics every 6 months. Use disposable items, such as sponges and cotton swabs, and throw them away when they are used up. Change the brush every 6 months. Dirt and bacteria can grow and reproduce in these tools and may damage your eyes.

    4. Periodic replacement

    Buy new eye cosmetics regularly. If cosmetics cannot be replaced every 6 months, they should be replaced at least once a year. Careful store cannot prevent bacteria and dirt accumulating in cosmetics, it is necessary to replace them frequently.

    5. Sealed packing

    Attention should be paid to whether the packaging is well sealed to prevent contamination or deterioration of internal products when you are purchasing eye cosmetics. In addition, to strictly comply with the product expiration dates, the eye is a fragile organ; the product used in the eye must ensure its safety.

    In addition, the eyes need sunscreen, either. Besides, eye cosmetics with sunscreen function are also a good choice. Whenever and wherever, a pair of sunglasses is always necessary to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

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