How to Match Your Glasses with Outfits


    The autumn steps are getting closer and closer. It's time to add some new colors to your autumn. Eyeglasses are not only a tool for correcting visual acuity or a matching role in outfits, but also a display of personal characteristics and temperament. Different dresses need different styles of ornaments. Mismatched glasses will break the visual effect of your overall style. Coordinating and matching all kinds of elements can help you improve your stylish. Take some time to learn about the matching of glasses and clothing from VlookOptical.

    The collocation can follow these tips:

    1. Harmonious Matching:

    If you don't like the high-profile matching, just choose the same or similar color as the clothing frame: wear cold color when dressing cold or dark color, on the contrary, choose warm color when wearing warm color clothes. If it is too dull, a slightly graphic embellishment is also a good choice, but with the clothing color pattern coordination frame, such as tortoiseshell or marble pattern frame, as long as the contrast is small, it looks harmonious and unified as a whole. Here is our website where you can choose all the styles that are suitable for your outfits.

   2. Contrast Matching:

  Contrast artistic requires that the contrast should be enlarged as far as possible, so that the clothing and glasses can not only have different colors, but also form an organic overall collocation, so as not to appear chaotic. Compared with the former, the unique artistic effect is more important, which needs color matching ability. If not matched properly, your overall outfit will be disturbed; on the contrary, the effect will naturally be very prominent.

  Little tips: If you are wearing cold color clothes, you can match the frames such as reddish-brown, leopard print pattern, etc. With larger color contrast, if you are wearing warm clothes, pure color frame such as black, blue and other contrasting colors can be better choice to form a contrast effect. Click here to choose the best matched frames for your outfits on our website. 

    3. Adornment

   On the basis of proper matching of the overall outfits, glasses can be a small ornament in the costume. The color can be slightly stronger, which has the effect of finishing touch. In addition, it also requires a certain of artistic accomplishment and appreciation and advoids blindly catch up with the trend while forget all aspects of their own conditions.

   What’s more, various styles of clothes can also be matched with specific types of frames to make  clothes work better:

  • Formal suit category: Traditional, restrained, simple and generous design style, such as rectangular frame, monochrome frame, clear lenses.
  • Leisure suits: Standard frame, novel style, slightly radian temple arms, metal or acetate material, single or at most bicolor electroplating, white or light lenses is appropriate.
  • T-shirts, jackets, jeans: Non-traditional frame, fashionable style, diverse materials, several of color frame. The frame and temple arms can be mixed and matched, with spring hinges; the color of the lens can be combined with the frame at will.
  • Sportswear: This kind of clothes should be matched with dynamic and tension frame style. The frame is relatively rough and exaggerated, and the temple arms have a strong stereoscopic sense. Aluminum, magnesium, TR and carbon fibers should be the preferred manufacturing materials. Frame can be colorful, while coated lenses can be matched.
  • Fashion: Abstract frame, unrestrained style, exaggerated temple arms, random color; Materials such as PC, TR, colorful miorror tint lenses should be considerd.
  • Uniform: Simple, comfortable, practical frame with simple color is suitable.

    Some outfits can be a challenge to accessorize, but there are a few options for making sure that your eyewear doesn’t distract from your clothing.

    The first option is a pair of tortoiseshell frame glasses that do not have any visible metal parts. The combination of colors in tortoiseshell goes well with most colors, and while your tortoiseshell frames may not be the most exciting pair of glasses you own, they should hold you in good stead throughout the seasons and changing fads. In fact, buying two pairs is a great idea: A light tortoiseshell for spring/summer and a richer, deeper pattern for fall and winter.

   Rimless glasses incorporate a minimum of hardware, so if you choose one pair of glasses with neutral temples, you’ll likely be able to get away with wearing them with most outfits.



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