How Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Work 

Why do we need blue-light blocking glasses

Blue light is a common light wave that exists everywhere in nature. Even the sky and ocean have that stunning light with blue.

The blue light itself isn’t harmful, however, artificial blue-light, produced from LED lights and LED displays technologies, such as computer, mobile phone, and television, could be harmful to human eyes. There are significant amounts of blue-light that are emitted from these electronic and digital devices that can cause discomfort on eyes after long-term exposure. For instance, technology users who had prolonged exposure in blue light invironment may experience syndroms that include weariness, dry eyes, headaches and inability to concentrate. In addition, it can hurt retina, which is responsible for our vision, and also affect our sleep quality as well as mental mood.

Types of blue-light blocking glasses.

As the anti-blue light function of the glasses which can protect our eyes from the damage of harmful blue light, blue light blocking glasses have been popular in the Glasses Market in recent years. There are 3 types of blue light blocking glasses on VlookGlasses.

1. Amber-tinted glasses

Amber, yellow, orange tinted lens was one of the initial techniques implemented in blue light blocking glasses. According to Principles of Complementary Light, yellow is the opposite color of blue. The amber lens can present as a yellow filter to filter out blue light. It allows the lights of its own or similar colors which are long-wavelength lights to pass through, and absorbs short-wavelength lights like blue-light. Study shows that the amber-tinted glasses are effective in reducing blue light effects on eyes, and help us to improve our sleep quality.

2. Blue-light blocking coating glasses (reflects blue light)

Blue-light blocking coating has become a highlight in optical lens coating technique in recent years. This type of anti-blue light glasses includes basic lens with a blue light filter coating on the lens surface which blocks blue light by reflecting away harmful blue light. We can also observe on the surface of the lens that blue light blocking coating lens appears to have a violet or blue light reflection. The advantage of this lens type is that it is completely transparent with no tinted color. However, this type of lens coating only blocks 35 percent of the blue light, which is relatively lower than the other types of blue light glasses.

3Blue-light blocking lens + AR coating glasses(reflects green light)

With the develoment of the industrial technology, the current anti-blue light lens can achieve both blue light blocking and UV400 anti-ultraviolet function. This type of lens is made particularly for anti blue-light using by adding a special blue light reducing material during the basic lens making procedure. Although, the lens has a slightly noticeable tinted color, it shows high light transmittance in blue-light and UV region. You may also observe that the surface of the lens reflects green light sometimes, which is actually a result of the Anti-Reflection coating which helps us to reduce glare light from the front and the back surface of the lens. The combination of the blue light blocking lens and anti-glare coat provides users an excellent vision quality.



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