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What is Blue Light?

Digital devices including televisions and smartphones emit blue light. In the visible spectrum, each color of light has different wavelengths and amounts of energy. Red light has less energy and it has longer wavelengths. Meanwhile, blue light is present on the other end of spectrum. It has shorter wavelengths and it has a higher concentration of energy in it. For instance, the wavelength of blue light falls in between 380-500 nm which serves to make it one of the highest-energy and shortest wavelengths.

Sunlight contains every color of visible spectrum and it is recognized as the largest source of blue light. Due to the advent of technology, we get blue light from computers, televisions, smartphones, CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lamp) or, and even LED lights.

Why the Blue Light is bad?

Exposure to blue light, especially at night, is capable of disrupting sleeping patterns and leaving a stain on eyes. It can leave a person feeling tired after waking up. In fact, the cases of digital eye strain have increased significantly in our tech-driven society. Digital eye strain comes from fazing at electronic screens for a long period of time. It is quite common in people who spend most of their time in office environments, working on a computer.

Some symptoms of digital eye strain involve poor sleep, blurred vision, sore shoulders or neck, sensitivity to light, headaches, and red eyes.

What do Blue Glasses do?

Blue light lenses tend to filter out light by restricting and blocking the transmission of a certain range or segment of wavelengths. The lenses are created for reducing the occurrence of digital strain and evade the disruption of circadian rhythm cycle. In fact, it also helps in avoiding sleep disruption and wellbeing.

Usually, blue light lenses are a pale yellow tint and they block harmful blue light. In this manner, they protect eyes from blue light.

What are Blue Light Filtering Glasses?

Blue light filtering glasses or computer glasses have a blue light filter in them and they filter the blue light coming from digital devices such as mobile phones and laptops. In fact, blue light computer glasses are an incredible method of combatting sleeplessness and eye strain that come with excessive screen time.

Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

There are several advantages of blue light filter glasses including:

  • Blue light filtering glasses help in reducing potential eye damage. As explained above, when you expose yourself to blue light for a long period of time, it substantially damages your eyes. Meanwhile, when you use of blue light glasses, you protect your eyes from this damage.
  • Blue light protection glasses improve symptoms of mobile and computer vision syndrome. CVS (Computer Vision Symdrom)harms your eyes and is capable of leaving your eyes impaired. When you make the use of blue light filtering glasses, you are able prevent CVS.
  • Glasses that block blue light protect eyes against retinal damage. Your retina is damaged significantly when you continue to watch television or stick to your mobile phone for a long period of time. In fact, retinal damage can make everything hazy and unclear for you. You can avoid this by using blue light blocking glasses.
  • Screen glasses prevent sleeplessness. It is one of the most common side-effects of being exposed to blue light. Blue light affects your eyes and you are unable to sleep for a long period of time. With blue light glasses, sleeplessness can be prevented.
  • Anti-blue light glasses help in fighting against AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) In the US, AMD is one of the major causes of blindness. Blue light filtering glasses help in combatting this condition as it prevents blue light from making eyes tired. In addition to it, blue light glasses are capable of helping in improving early symptoms of AMD including blurry vision.

Should you Wear Blue Light Glasses?

If you are a person who is exposed to blue light for a long period of time, then you should definitely wear blue light glasses. It is not essential for those people who do not use mobile phones, television, or computers for long. For instance, flue light filter glasses are necessary for employees and those who spend most of their time using computer and doing work related to computer.

Generally, there are two types of blue light filter glasses including: non-prescription computer glasses and blue light blocking prescription glasses. You can get the ones that you are comfortable with but we advise you to get consultation from your doctor before purchasing blue light glasses.

Do you Really Need Blue Light Glasses?

If you are wondering whether you really need blue light blocking glasses or not, getting advice from an eye specialist is probably the best way. It is even more important if your eyes already feel itchy or tired. Your doctor will determine whether you need computer screen glasses or not.

Once your doctor advises you to get them, you should purchase blue light prescription glasses. Prescription blue light glasses are made specifically for those people who are feeling the side-effects of blue light.

Most people do not consider consulting their doctor before taking blue light glasses. Although these glasses do not harm your eyes, you first need to meet up with your doctor because he will determine whether you are experiencing the harmful effects of blue-light or you are experiencing something else.



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