Bifocal lens, Progressive lens and Single-Vision lens: which one is right for your vision


Do you have an eyesight problem? Is your vision blur without glasses? Have you ever felt constant headaches? If all these aspects pertain, it means you need eyeglasses to get a clear vision and prevent yourself from headaches and eyesight issues. People usually have weak eye sights but they are unaware of it.

Vlook offers a variety of glasses with diverse lenses for people with different eyesight problems. We cater to all sorts of eyesight issues. Our lenses have a variety to make sure all visions are clear. We only focus on giving you a clear, stress-free vision that can help you deal with your eyesight issues. Our variety includes bifocal lenses, progressive lenses, and a single-vision lens. These are the main products that can deal with your bifocal eyesight issues. Let’s see in details how they benefit to your eyes.


Bifocal Lenses

The word bifocal means two, so bifocal lenses are two in one product. They cater to the needs of customers who have both different visions for near and far sight. The shape of the bifocal lenses is different on the top and bottom to make sure you can see both far and nearby things. Some of our bifocal glasses also have a line in between to improve the overall vision for both the far away and the nearby objects. These glasses can be used for reading purposes and looking far away as the lower side of the lens provides a close up view which makes it easier to read and write, while the upper side provides the concave lens which can help you look far clearly.

These lenses are tailor-made for people who have different eyesight numbers for close up and far away objects. It helps them have a clear vision for all the objects. You would not need to separate glasses to deal with different eyesight issues. Bifocal lenses provided by VLook Glasses are solely enough to cater to both needs.


Progressive Lenses

By comparison with bifocal lens, progressive lens have no line and invisible, this will not hinder your clear vision, not like the bifocal lens with visible lines.

One of the best products present at Vlook glasses are glasses that contain progressive lenses. The reason being they cater to even bigger problems than bifocal lenses. They are streamlined into a shape where the top caters to the far-sighted objects then as you come close by the lower part caters to your reading objects. It is like 2 in 1 kind of thing. This is our most popular brand and customers from all around the world have ordered these glasses.

There is a strong difference between bifocal and progressive lenses. Progressive lenses give a smooth transition between powers whereas bifocals usually have a line to separate those powers. Most importantly this gives you a clearer vision omitting any kind of blurriness from your vision.

One of the major advantages of using progressive lenses is they are less costly. This is because they provide the benefit of 2 in 1. You would have to pay the cost of 2 glasses if you wouldn’t have opted for progressive lenses. Now, they are providing you with the advantage of having a two powered glasses that could cater to your both different prescriptions. Similarly, it gives a completely clear vision to prevent any kind of hindrance in between. The reason we opt for glasses is to clear our vision. Progressive lenses do that in the best possible manner. Moreover, it helps your vision change according to your workspace. While driving, reading, or using computers you need high powers so they act accordingly.

Single Vision Lenses

While talking about the different varieties available, we often forget about the most common brand of the lot- it is a single vision lens. These lenses are specially prepared for people with a single prescription and are very reliable. As they use a single power, their smoothness is more and they are more reliable. They also prevent any kind of dryness or itching in the eyes.

And even for the single vision lens, there are also have many options for you on VlookGlasses, including functions of blue light blocking lens (computer lens), colorful tinted lens or the photochromic lens which is clear indoors and turns into dark under sunglight.


VLook glasses Progressive Lens

We offer different types of progressive lenses like standard progressive lenses, short corridor progressive lenses, premium progressive lenses, and finally computer program lenses. The biggest advantage of using these progressive lenses is they give a clear vision to our clients who have bifocal eye issues. It fulfills the main responsibility of undistracted vision. Secondly, it works according to your workspace. For reading and writing, it uses the closest power whereas for far-sighted things it uses less power.

Besides, VlookGlasses progressive lenses offer the advantage of photochromic. They prevent the light from affecting your eye. It reverses its color once exposed to light. This gives the user a clearer view than before.

At VLookGlasses, we cater to everyone’s need in the best possible manner. You just name it we have it. So if you are looking for something reliable and classy at an affordable price you should visit our website. Order through and you will experience one of the better standards of glasses you’ve ever used.

The variety we provide is diverse which means that you have a variety of options to choose from. Just think about the reason you want to buy glasses, communicate with us and we will find you the best match possible. Our core values focus on fulfilling our customer's needs in the best possible manner. We know the importance of our customers and we want them to have the best experience they can get.

Our website is a one-stop solution. You can find almost all types of lenses that are needed by customers. Bifocal, Progressive, single all these lenses are available. Just get your eyesight checked. Once you have the issue stated, come to us we will provide you with an amazing offer. Something which you would deny. Remember we have the best quality lenses and frames for our glasses. You will definitely love the experience. So what are you waiting for? Just visit our website to enjoy an amazing experience!



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