How to Choose the Frame Material?

    Frame plays an important role in glasses wearing experiences, which supports the lenses. Good frames not only influence the appearance but(also) the comfort of wearers. The unsuitable frame will cause dizzy or eyes discomfort. You need to learn about the materials and features of glasses frames before choosing the right one.

 Here, on VlookOptical, are something about frame material you may need to know:

  1. Modern Metal Frame Materials


  •  Titanium

    The common prevalent metal frames  are the titanium frame and titanium alloy frame. The titanium frame is 48% lighter than an ordinary metal frame. It features high strength, anti-acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high stability, and good elasticity. It is suitable for ergonomics. In addition, titanium is non-toxic to human body, without any radiation. Besides, titanium alloy is a material widely used in artificial bones.

  • Nickel-copper Alloy

    In nickel-copper alloys, the nickel content reaches about 63% and 28% of that of copper. In addition, there are a few other metals such as iron, manganese, etc.

    Frame characteristics: corrosion resistance, high strength, solderability.

  • Copper-zinc Alloy

    The main components are 64% copper,18% zinc ,18% nickel. It is the cheapest frame material which is easy to be processed and electroplated. Copper-zinc alloy is mainly used for manufacturing hinge bracket, small parts, and the most affordable frames.

  1. Plastic Frame Materials


  • Acetate

    Acetate is a new type of plastic, featured with heavy and hard. It is not easy to be deformed, but could be corroded by sweat easily.

   Frame characteristics: high strength, precision, high quality, durable.

  • Tortoiseshell

    Originally, the tortoiseshell frame was made of the tortoiseshell in the tropical ocean. It is mainly produced in the West Indies. It is a relatively high-end product for a certain minority, since the hawksbill is beneficial to the human body, so it is particularly expensive. But the hawksbill is protected animal, now the tortoiseshell frames are all made of acetate or other materials.

  • TR90

    TR90 is a kind of polymer material. Frame characteristics: harmless to the human body, wear-resistant and high toughness, lighter than ordinary Acetate, which can soinificantly reduce the pressure resulted from nose bridge.

  • Utem

    Utem is also a high strength molecular material. The characteristics of utem: lighter than TR90. Its corrosion resistance and strength are better than TR90, too. But it is brittle at low temperatures, which means Utem frame would be damaged easily under cold situation.

  • Synthetic resin

    It can be roughly divided into two categories: thermoplasticity and thermosetting resins. There are usually acetic acid fiber, propionic acid fiber, epoxy resin, carbon fiber, nylon, and others. Frame features fit skin that increases comfort and ensures safety.

    The frame must be durable, safe and lightweight for consumers. Most of these characteristics are determined by the material of the frames. At present, there are many kinds of frame materials on the market, and each kind of frame material has two sides. Therefore, consumers need to choose a suitable frame according to their actual situation and preferences.


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