Glasses Safety and Lens Protection

You might feel bored after a pretty long period when you stay at home. You will probably lose interests after watching TV programes or playing Games or phones for a long time. Then some ideas come to your mind, how about reading? You have a vague idea that the book you bought long time ago has been waitting for you to dive into.

The dramatic idea drives you to pick up your book, and when you are excitedly ready to read it and lie down on the bed, a sound pull you into reality. Unfortunately, You just crushed your glasses lying on the bed.

You might go to a close-by optical shops to buy one pair of new glasses as usual. However, with the sadness for losing your favirate glasses, you might do not want to move.

Let’s review some higglights in this case. What’s the reason causing the broken glasses? Because of glassses itself? Apparently not.Then maybe it’s the protagonist himself? Not really.

It is his wrong attitude towards glasses that results in this unfortunate consequence. What if he doesn’t put glasses on the bed but another safety place? Although this is not a good idea to protect your glasses, it can indeed decrease the possibility that this situation will happen at least.

How to place our glasses safely then? In fact, the questions are not only bother those who takes off and puts on glasses frequently, but also brings inconvenience to the people whose SPH is under -2.0 which is also called false myopia and those who often undertakes outside activities such as swim. This question may be confused those people who wearing glasses.

Here, VlookGlasses will provide you some tips that might be helpful for your glasses safety and lens protection.


Eyeglass Case

To keep your glasses safe, VlookGlasses equips specific microfiber and smooth glasses case for each of your glasses. Don’t ignore this littile case, it will help you store your glasses safely. Maybe some people regard it as a burden during a trip, but it can keep your glasses safe in any unpredictable occasions. If most of your time is spend at home or office, then the case will be your priority to protect your glasses.


Soft surface

If you always forget to take your glasses case with you, placing your glasses casually is not prohibited. Actually, you can store your glasses on any soft surface if there is no better choice. The soft surface could only protect the lens from scratching, however, it can not restrict the dust. There are varying fine particles threatening your glasses even indoors. Regardless of other restrictions, soft surface is still the second chioce to protect your lens no matter indoors or outdoors.

Don’t let the lens face down

Whatever situation you are in, let the lens face up is the most important thing. As the critical component of glasses, lens can make your world more clear to see. Giving this, if there is no case or soft surface, the first thing you need to do is put it correctly to protect the lens.



Many young people prefer to hang the glasses on their collar in pursuit of dashing,chic or convenient, while some people like to place their glasses just casually when driving, these are all what we call bad habits. Here are some instances we exemplify if you don’t know how to protect your glasses, and in each scenario following, there are some tips for you:

  1. At home

Try to correct the behaviors of placing things casually at home, this will help you  a lot in protecting your glasses. Usually, people who wearing glasses just take off and put it on table or any where close-by when getting sleep, this is not a right way. Take it off with two hands(prevent it from transforming) and put it on soft surface, you expand glasses’  lifespan.

  1. At office

It would be great if you take your glasses case when you are at office. However, if you forget to take your case and still need to take off your glasses, then you should find a smooth surface. Compared with home, office have few soft sites. In conclusion smooth surface is the best way to minimize the damage.

  1. During a trip

During traveling, to keep your glasses safe is another important thing. Ensure that you have taken your glasses case in your bag. Even in the worst situation, such as the case is lost, you need to use a soft material to cover your glasses before putting into your bag.

What if your glasses is crushed or damaged?

Anyway, the process is irreversible, so the best idea is to buy one new pair of glasses on our website We provide star-stunned fashionable frames and lens. You can also obtain a case with ditinctive characteristics to place your glasses and one microfiber cloth to clean up your lens.








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