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Clear Non-prescription Eyeglasses Guide


    The fashion tide never ends. And the fashion decorations never absent. Nowadays, you can see fashionistas or celebrities wearing various styles of glasses to match their fashionable outfit. Non-prescription glasses (or fake glasses) also contribute to the fashion trend.

    Many people would have a variety of questions and concerns about fake glasses. Now let's get a comprehensive understanding of fake glasses together.

    What are fake glasses?

    Generally speaking, it is the general calling of all glasses without diopter, which is different from glasses for prescription, presbyopia or other visual problems. Non-prescription glasses have no adjusting function for eyesight, but many specific applications in different fields.

    What are the functions of flat glasses?

    1. Blocking sandwind: For people living in the north, wind and sand would be a terrible enemy to them. Wearing glasses can not only protect their eyes from wind and sand, but also helpful to see the road ahead, avoiding traffic accidents.

    2. Used as decoration: For the host of TV programs, the fake glasses can improve temperament and play an decorative role. Many young people would purchase large non-prescription frame glasses, most of whom have normal eyesight. They wear glasses to flatter their face shape or being more fashionable.

    3. Protective effect: Adding different layers to lenses can play different protective roles. For example, anti-blue layer can help reduce the harm of digital devices to the computer users, and help them work more comfortably, while anti-UV layer can reduce the damage of ultraviolet to the wearer eyes.

    Will fake glasses do harm to our eyes?

    Fake glasses do not hurt our eyes. Extensive use of non-prescription lenses is virtually the same as looking through a clear window — perfectly normal and healthy. As a matter of fact, wearing non-prescription glasses can actually be healthier for our eyes if they are equipped with the right lens coating. The availability of affordable blue light blocking lenses can help deter the negative effects of extended computer use without the need of a prescription. If your work or hobbies require you to use a digital screen for long periods of time, consider this option even if you don’t need standard vision correction.

    If you need a frame to equip your fashion outfit, a lens-free frame is also a good choice. However, the practicability, comfortableness and of the frame should be considered before purchasing.

    The only thing that could possibly hurt your eyes is wearing prescription glasses that do not match your vision needs. For example, wearing glasses that are tailored for near-sighted people will cause your eyes to strain if you are farsighted yourself. When buying fake glasses, be sure that you get them without any prescription!

    Why do you need a pair of fake glasses?

    With all of the stylish fun that comes with eyewear, why should people without eyesight correction problems have to miss out? We believe that glasses are a fashionable and unique accessory that everyone deserves to experiment with. It’s okay to wear fake glasses because they offer no vision drawbacks. They can also be extremely lightweight, due to the fact that non-prescription glasses have access to some of the thinnest lenses available.

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