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PROMO: Get Blue Light Blocking Lens For Free

Can’t live without your cell phone?

Can’t live without your laptop?

Can’t live without your ipad and kindle?

Caution! Long exposure to blue light may cause and increase

Ophthalmic diseases

Blue light exists in natural light, LED light, computer screens, cell phones, and etc. Basically everywhere.

Protect your vision by getting into the good habit of using your eyes.

Especially for teens and elder people.

There is a saying that eyes are the window of the mind.

Eye-loving, eye-protecting and eye-curing have also become the consensus of people.

So what to do to minimize the exposure of blue light?

No worries !!

You can get blue light blocking glasses for free with VlookOptical during our promo.

Get blue light blocking lens for free when you purchase a pair of frame!



Promo Description:

Get mid Index 1.56 Polymer Single Vision Lens with Anti-Scrath and UV Protection Hard Coating blue light blocking lens for free when you purchase a pair of frame from VlookOptical ( for distance & reading only).

1. First You need choose a frame and click "Add Lens" on your select frame.

2. Select Single VIsion Lenses (Reading or Distance)


3. Next,input your prescription details. Note:if you do not have a prescription, and want to get a Plain Lens please select Zero for all figures and input 62(All any PD number from the Frame PD Range) for PD.



4. Choose Digital Screen Protection section. Your blue light blocking glasses will be on your way! Suggest prescription range: -4.00~+4.00



Promo Details:

  1. Our free blue light blocking lenses are high quality materials and have the same quality assurance regulations as other products.
  2. Single vision lenses only. Multi-focal and progressive are not included in this promo.
  3. For your better wearing experience, the recommended free 1.56 lenses range from SPH:-4.00~+4.00 CYL (astigmatism): -4.00~+4.00. If your prescription exceeds this range, we recommend that you choose lens with higher refractive index. During this promo, we will keep the same price of the same refractive index blue light blocking lens and non blue light blocking lens. You don't need to pay extra for the blue light blocking lens.
  4. Promo period: April 2019 to February 2020.
  5. May combine with other coupon codes.

Vlook Digital Protection Lenses use special blue cut material and special coating which can efficiently reflect the high energy Blue Light (HEV) emitted by digital devices. This lens has also combined with scratch resistant and anti-glare benefits, giving you clearer vision while using digital devices. These specialized lenses are similar to clear lenses. It does not like the computer glasses which is a yellow tinted lens. Vlook Blue light Protection Lenses will not degrade your visual experience and affect colors.


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